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VBScript Logging

Updated on August 6, 2016

VBScript Logging

Log files generated during the runtime of software applications can tell an administrator a lot about how the application is functioning, what stage it is at during the runtime and how long it may the application runs from startup to completion.

A VBScript programmer can generate a log file for the same purposes. For a programmer, a log file can be invaluable when developing VBSscript. Log files can be used to debug VBScript. If a VBScript programmer writes to a log file at certain stages during the runtime of a script, this can help him determine if and where the script is failing. He can also use the file to determine how long it takes each stage to run.

Although a lot of VBScripts are not that complicated, it’s a good idea to get into the habit of generated a log file with each script. This is good practice and might just come in handy if questions arise about the runtime of a VBScript.

VBScript Logging Code

vbscript logging code
vbscript logging code | Source

Create the Logging VBScript

Go to Start-->All Programs-->Accessories-->Notepad. Go to File-->Save As and save the file as “C:\Temp\logfile.vbs”. Adding the .vbs file extension creates an executable VBScript file. Copy the following code into the logfile.vbs file by selecting the code just to the left of “Option Explicit”, dragging the cursor just to the right of “WScript.Quit(), press “Ctrl” + “C”, select within the split.vbs file, then press“Ctrl” + “V”. Select File-->Save within Notepad. Exit Notepad.

Option Explicit

'Define Variables

Dim fso

Dim objLogFile

'Set Objects

Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

Set objLogFile = fso.OpenTextFile ("C:\temp\vbsLogFile.txt",2,true)

'Write start time to log file.

objLogFile.Writeline "Script started at " & Now

'Messagebox to display a message and take up some time.

Wscript.echo "Select OK after a few seconds to see different times show up in the log."

'Write end time to log file.

objLogFile.Writeline "Script ended at " & Now

'Close objLogfile


'Cleanup Objects

Set fso = Nothing

Set objLogFile = Nothing


VBScript Logging File Messagebox

vbscript logging file messagebox
vbscript logging file messagebox | Source

VBScript Log File

vbscript log file
vbscript log file | Source

Experiment with the VBScript Logging Script

Navigate to “C:\Temp\” and double click on the logfile.vbs file. A message will pop up stating select OK after a few seconds to see different times show up in the log. Experiment with this script and watch the different time spans show up in the log file. The log file is located at "C:\Temp\vbsLogFile.txt" The pictures to the right show the messagebox and the resulting log file.


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