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Video Camera’s: Usage and History

Updated on October 11, 2019
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Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.


Before I Begin

I think that it’s prudent that I take a moment to talk to you about

A Few Interesting Facts About Video Camera’s

Security cam’s have been with us longer than we imagine. From 1942, security cameras have been here for most-everyone and used in almost every business and corporation in the 1960s.

Germany was the first country to install a video camera by an engineering firm.

You may not be aware of it, but Walter Bruch, was the German engineer developed the first video camera.

The security camera debuted in Olean, New York, USA, to help fight and stop crime.

Security cam’s were installed by the banking industries because this part of the business sector was at that time, the most-vulnerable to be robbed.

Security cameras today are light-weight and hard to break if dropped accidentally. They are also easy to transport while going on vacation or just going on a hike to take the video camera out to film a little wonder of Mother Nature.

I Remember The Time

when my wife and I had saved our money and shopped with many stores about where we could buy (and save) on a sturdy, efficient video camera that we could use in keeping those priceless moments that were coming in the life of our daughter who was only two months from being born. We had talked about video cameras for weeks and every TV commercial was saying the same thing, except in other words.

We wanted a video camera that had simplicity, but made with more endurance that if dropped, would not fall to pieces, yet with one click of one button would not only let us enjoy those priceless memories in life, but keep them for year after year. Video cameras opened the doors in our lives that were being closed and without us being able to open them.

But, and there is always the apprehension of spending a certain amount of money and pray that the money would be well-spent. Of course this is the thoughts of young married’s, but still it is a fact of life just the same. The day came when when we were finally going to buy our first video camera and we were so excited. Frankly said, the video camera dominated the talk between my wife and me as we drove to the store where our camera would soon be taken home and then used to secure events that we could just put into the TV and then sit back and watch our lives, with our young daughter being lived.

If You Didn't Know Video Cameras

have two modes. One, the application of broadcasting in live television, where the camera sends real time images straight to a screen for instant observation. Most live connections are used for security/military and industrial projects where surreptitious viewing is needed. Second, images are filmed/recorded to a storage device for storing or further processing. In many years, videoingtaing was the main format used for this means, but was gradually phased-out by opicals, hard discs and then flash memory. Recorded video taping is still used in television production, and more often, monitoring tasks in which unattended recording of an event is required for later analysis.

The more that I enjoyed our video camera, the more I liked it. I was even aggravating my wife and young daughter and giving them my suggestions on what would be great filming. Of course, each thing that I wanted to film would be the greatest. Soon, my wife was getting into the act in filming our daughter take her first step, say her first word, and ride her bicycle without training-wheels.

I was not an expert on video cameras, and that was my main fear that keep me from buying our video camera. But when the salesperson took the camera (we were going to buy), he asked me several questions like if this was the first time we were buying the camera; what we wanted to use it for and was it too difficult to use. Our salesperson could have laughed, but did not crack a smile as he patiently-answered every question—even showing us each aspect of using the video camera as loading the film and how it was to be turned, how to use the zoom and format uses, even my favorite,the slow motion. I loved to film our daughter and use the slow motion as she loved to run with our dog that loved her to pieces. And to think, we were scared to death in thinking that the video camera would be terrible taskmaster, but turns out, it opened every door that had remained closed to our lives.

October 8, 2019____________________________________________________

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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