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View Flash Content On Ipad and Iphone

Updated on July 20, 2016

Flash player where are you?

Try opening any website with a flash content on your safari browser using your ipad or your iphone and surely you it will not be able to open such content. This is what I have experienced when I opened such websites.

As what my friend told me, iphone and ipad are great gadgets but they also have some disadvantages. They somewhat have a world of their own and they are not compatible with other applications. Will, perhaps that is the reason why they are unique.

Anyway, do not be discouraged, there is always a solution. Normally when you open any website with flash content using your safari browser you will see this words: "you need to upgrade your flash player" (see picture on the right side). But definitely there is no way to upgrade. Even if you upgrade the operating system, you will not be able to solve the problem. And if I am not mistaken, there is no way to install a flash player application on the ipad or iphone.

If you look at the picture on the right, you will notice that the website containing flash content cannot be seen. You will see a highlighted word "bypass the detection" but clicking so,the same issue will happen. This is definitely a problem most especially in my case where in I normally visit websites with flash content.

Flash content viewing

Well, do not worry, if you read further, you will realize that such problem can be resolved. All I did was make a research. The answers are always there online.

Now look at the same site, with the flash content now appearing on the site. It is obvious that it can be done. So the basic question is how did I do it. People think that it is because of the gadget. Meaning the ipad and iphone is not designed to view such flash items. Well, the ipad and iphone is not the problem. They can certainly view websites with flash content. It's about the browser...

The safari browser on the ipad and iphone is not capable of viewing those flash. This is the reason why you will never be able to view this flash items on safari browser. So what I did is use a different browser to view the flash content on the website.

Flash browsers for ipad and iphone

I have found two browsers that you can install on the ipad and iphone for you to view the flash content. You simply download them from the ipad or icon apps. But they come with a price. It is not for free. One would be the Photon Browser and the other one is the Skyfire Browser. Simply search them on the apps search area of your gadget and you will find them easily.

I leave it up to you to purchase or not. In my case, I see the need since I often use my ipad or iphone in viewing flash content. I am currently using the Photon browser and it works perfectly for me. Just the way I wanted it to be. Once you install it, just follow the guide as it will appear once you engage the application after installation. The pothon browser with the flash reader may work slow if you have a slow internet connection. But then of course any site you brows will always load slow once your internet is slow. But what I'm trying to say is that it will be more slower once you use the photon browser. This is simply because flash items will have to be loaded. But surely they really work.


An alternate browser would be skyfire. When you search on the apps area of your ipad or iphone, you will see the icon (see picture on right). As I have told you they are not for free so I leave up to you to decide to proceed or not. I cannot give a full description as to its functionality since I did not purchase the application and besides I already have a working browser for my gadget. Buying this one will be an additional expense and is no longer necessary. I am not telling though that this is not good. It just happens that I was able to see the photon browser first when I was searching and from there, I decided to purchase.

Though there maybe other solutions to the problem. Feel free to comment if you have other options so we can learn and apply the solution.


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