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ViewSonic ViewPad Pro 10 Tablet - Windows 7 & Android Tablet

Updated on February 11, 2011

Who is ViewSonic?

Initially founded in 1987 as Keypoint Technology Corporation, Viewsonic is a primary manufacturer of video display hardware. It is a privately held company with annual sales in the one billion dollar range.

By catering to the high end crowd, those that need precise color and high-resolution, Viewsonic quickly outsold Sony, NEC, MAG Innovision, and Panasonic as makers of graphical color computer displays.

Now Viewsonic has it's sites on the tablet market.

ViewSonic 10 Pro
ViewSonic 10 Pro | Source

ViewPad 10 Pro

The Viewpad 10 Pro is a first among tablet computers in that it is a dual-boot embedded OS tablet. Viewpad 10 Pro is designed to run both Windows 7 Professional and Android 2.2 with a shared document storage area. This shared area allows users to manipulate files in either operating environment.

The tablet will run Intel's Oak Trail chipset and feature a 1024x600 pixel LED-backlit display.

Why Dual Boot?
ViewSonice claims this is the best of both business and entertainment worlds. Windows 7 Professional for business and Android 2.2 for entertainment. The thrust of this reasoning is that Windows 7 users need access to their business applications, but also want to explore the possibilities presented by Android.

The ViewPad 10 Pro will support Flash 10.1 and has a capacative touch (multi-touch) screen. The tablet will support 3G networks and Wi-Fi connectivity as well as Bluetooth 2.0. The unit clearly has a front-facing camera, but there are no figures as to resolution or whether or not it can be used for video-chat.

Battery life is projected to run six hours.

It is projected that tablet computers will dominate the market in England and the U.S. with a total of twenty million projected to be sold.

ViewSonic ViewPad 10 Pro
Device Type
1024 X 600
Screen Diagonal
Capacative Multi-touch
Windows 7 Pro / Android 2.2
Intel Oak Trail
Music Player
Supports MP3
Video Playback
Flash 10.1
HTML 5.0
Location and Navigation
1000 entries
Task List
Document Viewer
Microsoft Office / PDF
Yes 2.0 plus EDR


The ViewPad 10 Pro will debut at the Mobile World Congress on Valentine's Day (February 14, 2011) in Great Britain. Revisit this article then for more information on this tablet.


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