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Viral Quickies Videos

Updated on April 2, 2016

Short Viral Videos Perfect For E-Mail Sharing

Most of us that browse the internet have a very short attention span. I'm one of them. I don't enjoy all the extras that you have to weed through just to get a quick laugh. That's why I created "Viral Quickies". The name says it all. This is all you need for a quick laugh. Especially, when your at the office and the boss is about to make the rounds. Viral Quickies is THE site to bookmark for office laughs. Most videos are under 3 minutes too because we know you don't have a lot of time to spare and they are perfect for emailing your co-workers or your friends.

Official Viral Quickies Sites

Viral Quickies was created in 2011 as a Youtube channel for quick laughs. It has since grown to become two Youtube channels and a sweet blog. An official website is currently being created which will allow users to have their videos featured on the main page much like Youtube's new layout. Below is a list of links that we would love for you to visit and connect with us.

Viral Quickies Official Website

Viral Quickies Official Blog

Viral Quickies Main Youtube Channel

Viral Quickies Backup Channel

Latest UFO Sightings

Ahhh. Who doesn't love a good UFO video. Whether your a skeptic or a believer, UFO, NASA and Alien videos are always great for some quick entertainment. Check out one of my favorite UFO blogs below. They seem to try and weed out the fake UFO videos.

Today's UFO Videos

Below is one of their videos that went viral. Check it out!

Fail Videos

Fail and more recently Win videos have become very popular on Youtube. The Russians have played a huge role in this car crash trend because they all have dash cams installed in their cars. Why? Two main reasons are brought up. #1 For protection from fraud and police brutality. #2 Russians can't drive. They have to document their daily wrecks for insurance reasons. Below is a few of my favorite Fail compilations.

Explosion Videos

Explosions are always cool. In fact, tough guys never look at explosions. They just walk away as a huge fireball ignites behind them. Below is some pretty sweet explosion videos. To enjoy thoroughly, please DON'T push play and then walk away. You'll miss the whole thing.


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