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How To Connect Securely with a Virtual Private Network - A VersaVPN Service Provider Review

Updated on August 18, 2012

What is a Virtual Private Network?

A Virtual Private Network or VPN, is a system of connecting securely to a private Local Area Network from a remote location via the internet or any unsecured network data packet. The VPN makes use of data encryption and authentication to bar any unwanted access from unauthorized users that are trying to read your private network packets. VPNs can be used to send data (voice, video, files) over any network protocol safely and securely.

With today’s vulnerability of data hacking on the internet, many have fallen victim to professional or amateur hackers who have taken advantage of the open ended use of the so called information highway.

For those who are out in the field or with remote offices that need to share private information, the use of a VPN allows them to transmit and receive data without the risk of being hacked.

VPNs can also allow end users to bypass any internet area restrictions like firewalls and web filtering through what is called “tunnelling” where the network connection is passed through a different region. Interpreted technically, the VPN protocol covers the data transfer applying a cryptographic method between several networked machines that are not on the same private network. The system makes the data private and secure as it passes through the internet.


Selection Process

Having pointed out the necessity of securing your data through VPN, there are many VPN service providers that offer data encryption. Most charge an arm and a leg for such service not to mention their reliability factor. If you’re out to acquire the services of such, here’s what to look out for:

  • Track record. Taking a closer look at the VPN provider’s track record can give a you a picture of how they stand in the business. Check out how many clients and which countries they have catered to. This gives you an indication how trustworthy they are. The more clients they have, the better it is for you.
  • Customer Feedback. Read their customer’s feedback and check their level of satisfaction.
  • Services Provided. A good VPN service provider should have a multiple choice of service to provide. Having a few is an indication that they are limited with their resources. To mention a few, they should be able to provide services pertaining to Bandwith Allocation, Unlimited Downloads, Open VOIP Softwares, Secured Data Encryption, Data Tunnelling, Switches to Different Servers, Software Compatibility and so forth. The more they offer, the more they know what they’re doing.
  • Support Services. Having a good support service 24/7 is a must. You can get an indication of this by finding out how fast the VPN service provider responds to an inquiry.
  • Cost. Their prices should be reasonable without any hidden cost. Its best to find out about this before hand.

Given the criteria for selecting an appropriate VPN service provider, VersaVPN has been making positive rounds in several VPN reviews and forums which led many critical users to make use of their services including this writer. They precisely do what is mentioned at a reasonable cost with an effectiveness that you can rely upon.


VersaVPN started their operation in 2010 with its own infrastructure. Since then they have catered to many satisfied clients with mission critical data. Primarily based in the Philippines, this VPN service provider has reached most parts of North America, Europe and currently expanding in the Asia region. Their mission is to provide Internet security to its clients all year round at an affordable and reasonable cost. With a 24/7 customer support, their servers are dedicated to 30 users at a time to ensure 100% uptime and reduce limitations and server issues. Other security services that they offer range from PPTP, L2TP, and Open VPN as well as shared or dedicated IP’s. Speed and versatility are their strength which many critical users look for.

Supported OS

Software applications of Versa VPN supports many operating systems systems such as Windows, Linux, MAC, Android, iPhone, and other exclusive OS that are compatible with them. You can download from their official website to ensure that the operating systems can work with your network.

Traffic and Security

Versa VPN offers unlimited bandwidth on any type of service and unlimited server switch on shared IP accounts. For dedicated servers they guarantee secure 2048 bit encryption. Using the latest technology in encrypting, VersaVPN uses Blowfish encryption, a keyed symmetric block cipher that is impossible to decode giving you the ultimate security for your data.


VersaVPN sets their cost at a standard rate for all their IP services that are shared. Their prices are affordable at a rate of $5 per month, $13 quarterly, $26 semi-annually, and $50 annually. The offer is good in 7 countries and when purchased annually 20% discounts are given. There are no hidden costs for set-up and service as their prices are pretty much straight forward. As for dedicated VPN servers, monthly costs are $7 in the US, $8.50 in Sweden, Poland, Germany, Austria, and United Kingdom. Other rates are $9.50 in Italy, Canada at $27.00, Netherlands at $9.50, Russia at $16, Hong Kong at $26, Singapore at $25, Japan at $29, South Korea at $35 and the Philippines at $55 per month. Their price rates are well within international scope.

Client Feedback


Finding out what a VPN service provider can do is important. As more and more individuals and companies alike are finding themselves heavily dependent on the use the internet for their mission critical operations, data security must be at the top of the list of their priorities.

Knowing how to find the right VPN service provider to secure your data could spell the difference between success and failure. On the basis of this writers experience with the provider, VersaVPN is a good investment to make to protect yourself from the vulnerabilities of using the internet to transmit your critical data.

Overall rating 5 out of 5.

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