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Virus or Trojans Protection Tips: How to Protect Your Computer or Laptop from Virus or Trojans

Updated on June 26, 2011

Most Windows computer are affected by several types of virus. Everyday lots of people are affected by computer virus and Trojans. To me, people are recently searched several topics related to virus and Trojans related. New new virus and Trojans are created day by day. So, it's highly necessary to all of the computer users about the tips to be safe form the attack of several viruses and Trojans. This page contains some of the best tips to protect your computer from viruses and Trojans.

Use the best antivirus software:

Lots of anti-virus software are available in the world. All of these softwares are providing good protection of your computer. Before using or buying any anti-virus, compare that anti-virus with other types of anti-virus. Now, choose the best one. According to the several websites forum posts and group discussions some of the best anti-virus softwares are KasperSky, NOD32, Norton, BitDefender, Avast etc.

Regular update the virus definition

You are using a good anti-virus but you are not updating that regularly. What happens? New-new viruses and Trojans are created day-by-day. So, if you don't update your anti-virus, all things are meaningless. Some people have the concept that installing an anti-virus is enough to protect his or her computer form all types of viruses and Trojans. But it's totally wrong. You need to update the virus definition of your anti-virus software regularly to safe from all types of latest viruses.

Full system scheduled scanning in every week

It's a good practice to scan your full system fully daily or every week. Many organizations scheduled a daily scanning of their servers and PCs to be safe from different types of viruses and Trojans. For example, I do job in a company. That company has the scheduled scanning everyday at 11:00pm. If you don't like daily scanning then I recommend that you must scan the full system at least once a week. If you go in this way, your computer will be safe from several types of viruses and Trojans.

Disable auto-play option for all types of removable media

If you enable auto-play option, several type of viruses may spread through auto-run. So, it's a good idea to disable auto-run option for removal media. It really protects you. I disable auto-play functionality to all types of removal media and I see that my PC works much better after last formatting my Windows and disabling auto-play option. So, it's practically proved by me that it protects several viruses. So, disable auto-play option for removal media.

Scan all types of removal for viruses drives before using those:

Recently, all type of viruses and Trojans are spreading through USB pen drive or removal hard drive or CD/ DVD. So, before opening any pen drive or removal hard drive or CD/DVD, scan those devices firstly. It's not wise to open those and then scan. You must scan them firstly and then open. If you scan in this way, there is little possibility to affect your computer.

Avoid opening unwanted or unknown emails and emails attachments

Viruses or Trojans can also be spread through your emails or the attachments of your mail. Don't open any email if you don't recognize the sender. Many mails are sent from several email addresses. Those emails are not known by you and has attachment. Don't open those attachments. It really kills your computer. So, avoid opening the attachments or emails to other emails whom you don't know.

Disable email preview option in Outlook or Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird or any other email clients

If you use any email clients like Outlook or Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird or any other email clients, it's a good and safe idea to disable your email clients not to preview any email. It really provides extra security from several viruses. If you make enable preview of your emails, then at the time of previewing, it will try to show all the contents of the email page. Moreover, it will also try to execute any .exe (executable) file to execute which may attach to your emails. So, you must disable the preview mode.


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      Perry 5 years ago

      This is a great article on ways to keep yourself protected from webcam hackers, but there is only one way to ensure you are 100% protected from being watched. Even with all of the steps above you are still at risk. I purchased a camJAMR from recently and i LOVE it. It physically covers my webcam with a webcam lens safe adhesive that is reusable many times. They have cool/fun images that i enjoy looking at.