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Visual Classroom

Updated on July 28, 2013

Visual Technology


Distant Learning & Technology

Distant Learning & Technology

Volume 3, Issue 3, July 28, 2013

In the current economy more and more people must involve the factors of community environment and business environment into the mix of factors that will eventually determine future plans for higher education or entering into the workforce. It is vitally important to involve the elements of being prepared either for the labor force or considering whether or not the student is prepared for higher education.

A determination is made by aptitude testing of whether or not the student is ready to go on in higher education; they are called, “College Preparation Tests or High School Aptitude Tests” that are part of the exit plans in most high schools. This statistical information was made available in part by the article published in Volume 3, Issue 2, July 25, 2013; “Disparity in Southern California Schools (” The school that showed the lowest California rankings scores on the Aptitude Tests (AP) was Jordan Starr High School at 9.5% below the California Averages ranking rating. This was one of the schools who unfortunately had an extremely low Aptitude Testing rate in reviewing the skills and aptitudes of students.

With this review of ability and aptitude it presents more issues of what could be the cause of such an extremely low aptitude rate among high schools. Issues that cannot be denied or considered are if they are lacking the skills that we have mentioned that employers seek to fill their needs in workforce how will they survive? We cannot eliminate the factors of poverty, finances (income), environment, and availability. Some of the high schools listed are is in the LAUSD district that borders the City of Compton and the City of Willowbrook, otherwise known as the Watts area.

Extreme poverty, community environment, and finances are also factors on whether or not these students where forced by their circumstances in their respective environments or communities to have elemental factors that disable them in their ability to produce a low result in aptitude testing. Some of these issues could even prevent them from continuing education, having to drop out of school or who are essentially unable to continue their studies in such dire circumstances or current environment. Environment does contribute to the student experience and study habits.

Some of the alternatives to consider in continuing higher education are home study by Internet or the online campus. However, this may not be an option for some students who live and go to schools in extremely impoverished areas who unfortunately are unable to afford computers or the maintenance costs powered by cable, telephone, USB flash drives, and modems.

Technology has moved many educational institutions forward into a new and evolving age and is leading educational systems engaged in long distance learning into new directions via the Internet or what we call the World-Wide Web. The UK was among the first pioneers in long distance learning who televised educational classes forty years ago. Since then technology has evolved and changed into educational Internet channels and online computer system programming in the current setting.

Internet and computer engagement was unveiled with students and insomniacs on UK television who were essentially the first pioneer’s to educate viewers in and online educational institution subject matter. The UK employs the Internet as its largest educational institution.

The United States televised distance learning (Internet) through a pioneering company called, “Blackboard” whom currently has a patent for establishing online learning and software systems for educational purposes.

Currently, many universities and colleges are engaging students more and more in long distance learning by computers (online campuses). The following excerpt is from this Authors perspective of online learning and the e-campus at University of Phoenix wherein it was published in a collegiate ranking magazine called, “College Prowler” and has been acknowledged by Bloomberg Business Week (

for the College Students Perspective and ranking of colleges and universities around the nation (

The student experience at the University of Phoenix, from the enrollment counselors to the faculty, is very unique and personable. There's a genuine interest in assisting students, whether it has to do with admissions, enrollment, financial aid, or classes. The flexibility in taking online classes while holding down a job is critical to enrollment. The University can benefit anyone, from people with disabilities to single parents. The curriculum is very beneficial in any business enterprise.

The classes are very advantageous to students. Many times, the lessons students learn in classes play out in current events and appear on the news, linking the curriculum together with the "real world." This allows students to better grasp the subject and be able to engage peers in a conversation about current events and the effects in their local communities. Plus, the professors engage students in discussions and give them very clear, concise instructions on the assignments. Most professors or facilitators are credible in their field of experience and carry Doctoral degrees or Master's degrees in the subject they are teaching in the online class.

Important issues arise from going on into higher education or taking your chances in the workforce with the skills you acquire in high school. Some of the critical issues are price ranges and affordability to attend a higher education institution. The student must engage both the finance and income aspects together along with their parents contributions, and if they will remain living with their parents in their parents households. Financing your education is extremely important and applying for FAFSA Financial Aid may be a crucial element and determining factor in your planning for college or determining entering into the workforce.

Online learning or distant learning is an option for students to learn at home, but they must be able to have a computer 24/7 to be able to study in a viable setting. This is one of the alternatives available for students who wish to further their education and position in business. Statistics show that schools are ranked by Aptitude Tests to see if they are prepared for higher education. So another issue arises, are the high schools preparing students for the most desired skills to enter into the workforce? Generally they are prepared with some of the skills but not all of them. If the student wants a better paying position or to become an employer or entrepreneur they must acquire more skills in higher education to build a foundation for an enterprise and become successful, or to meet a need for the employer in a higher paid position.

Students who decide on starting work right out of high school are either paid the minimum wage or are paid by the experience they may have acquired while working in school or what skills they have.


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