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How Third World War will be fought

Updated on May 8, 2010

Mankind has seen thousands of wars since time immemorial. There have been several reasons for those wars. War has brought bloodshed and destruction. The great warriors of the ancient times are considered ruthless e.g. Genghis Khan. But even in the modern times we aren't short of 'civilized' people inflicting wars and pain not only on the people of the other nations but also to their own nationals.

As technology started to become more and more sophisticated wars became bloodier. The trench warfare of the First World War was made obsolete by the big metal beasts aka tanks. The atomic bomb ended the Second World War. Both of these things are watershed in the history of mankind. There are certain technologies that emerged only because they were needed in warfare. e.g. gas turbines saw speedy advancements because of world War.

Although humankind has seen the two extremely gory wars(WWI and WWII), one can never rule out the chances of the third.

If somehow Third World War started not many of us would live to tell its tale to the future generations. Following are some of the tactics and weapons that will most probably be used in WW-III:

Communication towers like this one can be used for mind control.
Communication towers like this one can be used for mind control.

Mind Control

Mind Control tops the list of unconventional weapons that will be used in the War. The first thing that may have come into your mind when you read the above heading is propaganda techniques. Although propaganda is used in warfare but what I am pointing towards is the more sinister thing. I am talking about controlling people's minds in such a way that they don't even feel that their minds have been 'hijacked'. The faculty of thinking can be numbed by hypnosis but it is also possible to control the mind by using electromagnetic signals. It is very similar to the signals that are used for communication equipment. There are certain waves that can really affect human mind and body. e.g. there are certain waves that can cause pressure sensation on chest. This problem becomes even more complex if a govt. uses it against it's own people. This possiblity arises from the fact that in wartime governments. face not only problems in the battlefield but also internal pressure from the human rights activists, politicians and public- if the war is not justified and is being carried out at the will of select few elites.

Here I should mention LRAD(Long Range Acoustic Device). Although LRAD is not completely a "mind control" thing but its really interesting. It is used to counter riots. This device can disperse the rioters within minutes not by throwing any projectiles or bullets but only a high velocity sound wave beam. This beam is so intense to human ears that the exposed person can't stand it for even a second. This device is also installed on certain ships to protect them from pirates. It was successfully used to ward off the threat of incoming pirates off the coast of Africa in 2005.

Recently mind control techniques have been employed in Iraq War. In one such incident Americans used some voice amplification devices to get the Iraqi soldiers surrender. It is said that those devices did something with the voice signals that affected the minds of the soldiers and led to their surrender.

Automated War Vehicles

Wars are characterized by heavy casualties. All the people who die whether on the war-front or as a collateral damage amount to very large numbers in a normal duration war. All the parties that are involved in any military activity need cannon fodder to achieve their ends. The more manpower they have the better off they will be. Therefore the fighting nations need fresh supplies of soldiers all the time. In order to minimize the number of casualties and reserve more and more of their nationals from getting injured, more and more emphasis is being given on the automated machines. Already machines are working for men. Remote controlled air drones are already firing missiles in the battlefields of today. There haven't been really impressive unmanned ground vehicles that can replace men on the battlefield. But recently, America has unveiled a really destructive truck named "The Crusher".

Its an enormous truck fitted with machine guns and can be controlled remotely.

The best aspect of these machines is that one can save soldiers from dangerous encounters and employ them in other wartime activities. Moreover machines never complain as do humans. Machines can be disposed of at anytime but human life is extremely precious. Machines do not get tired.

So idea of replacing humans with computers is terrific. Its really going to pay dividends to all the countries who would use it but, at the same time it would drastically increase the casualties on the side against which these machines are used. The Crusher ranks amongst the best modern war weapons.

Such vehicles will be extensively used in WW-III, if it ever took place.

The Crusher

Satellite wars

There are currently thousands of satellites orbiting around the earth. Satellites are used in several applications. They can be used for monitoring weather, spying, telecommunications etc.

They are very useful in communications. Many advancements that have taken place in the fields of telecommunications are because of satellites. Communication systems of many militaries around the globe depend on satellites. GPS is one of many applications.

These satellites can be used for destructive purposes as effectively as they can be used for the good purposes.

  • Satellites can fire missiles to any location on earth, if armed.
  • If armed with lasers they can be used to shoot down anybody on earth just by the push of a button.
  • Space can turn into "battlespace" when satellites of each side try to shoot each other down.

In order to counter the threat from space some countries have already tested anti-satellite missiles. China did this a few years back. USA also shot down its satellite that was claimed to be out-of-control.

Satellites would prove disastrous if they are used at any point in time in the future in wars.

Destruction of "Rogue" satellite using anti-satellite missle by USA

Weather Control

The idea of controlling weather is decades-old. A lot of research has been carried out to control weather. The idea is to control weather for one's benefit. e.g. if there hadn't been rain for many days, clouds can be sprayed with certain chemicals that can cause rain. If for some reason, you need a cloudy weather and there aren't any clouds in the air, one can easily make clouds with different devices.

If these devices can be used for the country's benefit, there can be devices that can possibly be used against enemies. Weather control is one of the most surreptitious strike weapons.

It has also been claimed by some sources that earthquakes can be triggered in distant places by using certain machines. For more details and pictures visit:


The destruction of the A-bombs is nothing new to mankind. We have already witnessed the aftermath of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. The cities were completely destroyed and life was wiped out. The modern nuclear weapons are much much more destructive than the bombs that were dropped on the two Japanese cities. There are enough bombs on the surface of earth to put whole Earth on fire.Nukes will certainly be used in WW-III, if it ever took place.

Nuclear Explosion, Nevada Test Site, 4.Jun.1953
Nuclear Explosion, Nevada Test Site, 4.Jun.1953


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    • solarshingles profile image

      solarshingles 9 years ago from london

      Very many devastating facts about, how to kill.

      I hope, they'll never be in use.

    • jimmythejock profile image

      James Paterson 9 years ago from Scotland

      Hi Greathub, Thankyou for commenting on my world war 1 hub, you made a remark about Christmas in the trenches I also wrote a hub about that, hope you like.....jimmy