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Waisting Money? Buy an Apple Product!

Updated on March 8, 2013

Wasting Money? Buy an Apple Product

Wasting Money? Buy an Apple Product
Wasting Money? Buy an Apple Product | Source

Wasting Money? Buy an Apple Product

Do you feel like wasting money? Well I have a great idea go and buy yourself some new Apple products and spend away on an iPad or iPod , I see them as pure waste in my line of business, and maybe you should re-think this purchase also. Yes, they are sleek and nifty, yet what’s their use any better than an Android type phone, except they are an Apple product that has swept the nation of people that just have to have one, I assume.

What’s the cell phone you have, possibly one of these that has Google maps, Mp3 player ,several games, maybe a movie player with Netflix, in reality what do people want that’s so needy in an iPad that a laptop would not be better useful. I guess I will have to read an ad and see what technology I am really missing. It sounds to me from what I have read ,the Ipad is a big bloated tablet that can takes phone calls, and do the rest of the Apps that my pocket cell phone does already.

We have laptops for convenience, and cell phones that we can use GPS with , just put it on the holder and in your windshield and I have a GPS locator , I find handy, yet in reality , I bought my phone just for that , I wanted something new, and something I didn’t have, impulse buying with good credit so I don’t have to fork out the six hundred dollars and in three years I will have a phone that will walk to me possibly and answer the phone, and I can point it to the wall and I have a virtual hologram girlfriend, and she and I can live happily ever after.

I really want to know what all the hype is about some electronics, three Dimensional Television is another have to have isn’t it. What the hell would we be without this piece of luxury? God forbid we don’t get one, and back to the iPad , it does nothing more than my cell phone or laptop can’t do. Oh, I forgot wireless printing, my home PC can do this, you hook it up to your network in about three easy steps, yet I believe it’s called air print for Apple. How ridiculous can a human be to plop down whatever kind of money for an iPad or even cell phone like I have , is it really needed or does your children have everything and you also.

I can inform the electronics era myself that I am not buying anymore apps , I guess that’s the new term or investing in any more little trinkets, at a time our world is in deep remorse ,with a possible Government shutdown, I really think most Americans have their heads deep in the dirt, they don’t want to even consider how we might have to barter with our neighbor for food soon, as the crisis in Japan gets even worse, and we don’t hear about these things, you have to search the internet and find the television station or read a hub page to find out what’s happening to our world.

I am as guilty as the rest of you, I like gadgets, yet get real is an iPad or iPod making your life easier today, leave me your comments, I’d like to know how these things work into your daily life and why you need them beside your computer controlled cell phone and your laptop computer that gets smaller by the day in electronics manufactures minds. We buy so much junk , expensive junk , and watch on the television how sad our state of living is getting worse , We just have not felt the impact of the hard times yet. Some have, but the majority has not, be ready.


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    • stclairjack profile image

      stclairjack 6 years ago from middle of freekin nowhere,... the sticks

      i see your point compleetly,.... in my line of work i have been considering the ipad, but its still cost prohibitive at thi point,... your thoughts are shared by many.