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Communication Shop supply Walkie Talkie and Trunk Radio

Updated on May 25, 2013
Kenwood Trunk Radio
Kenwood Trunk Radio | Source

Trunk Radio

Trunk Radio System

The trunk radios are not as commonly used as the walkie talkie systems. Unlike walkie talkies, which are merely a two way communication system, the trunk radio is used for broadcasting to a select group of people under 800MHz frequency.

A trunk radio system facilitates wider coverage within an area and allows the speaker to broadcast a message to a group of people using the same frequency radios, enabling free communication within the particular trunk radio system.

Basic Components for Trunk Radio System

A trunk radio system includes at least more than two handheld broadcasting units, which can extend even up to 250 or more units, all having the same frequency. A repeater is always also installed within the system for enhancing the transmission and receiving signal in order to have longer and better voice communication.

A car unit which having larger power is providing better quality of communication and improves the coverage. However for hand-held trunk radio, is having less communication coverage but improve with mobility.

WOKI-H900S Walkie Talkie

H900S Walkie Talkie
H900S Walkie Talkie | Source

Walkie Talkie Shop

WOKI TALK – Malaysia’s Leading Walkie Talkie Shop

WOKI TALK is the premier walkie talkie shop for supplying quality walkie talkie, trunked radio & 2 way radio in Malaysia. In fact WOKI TOKI even offers total communication solution for those consumers that require dedicated communication talk group and also serving full range of walkie talkie accessories.

WOKI TALK provides unique wireless communication service & home security system in Malaysia. Their services comprise of:

  • Distribution of quality WOKI brand H900S 2 way radio
  • Installation of quality home security system
  • Setup of dedicated 2 way radio network system for talk group
  • Make available wide variety of quality walkie talkie accessories
  • Provide trunked radio network system for customers in demand

Reliable Walkie Talkie Shop

Walkie talkie can be used in a same manner like we use hand phones. The only difference is that walkie talkie or two way radio is meant for those users who want to improve effectiveness of communication within a dedicated talk group. However, not many customer able to locates a reliable and knowledgeable walkie talkie shop in Malaysia.

WOKI TALK as a committed walkie talkie supplier in Malaysia aims towards providing following benefits to their users:

  • Easily give & receive instructions or information to a group
  • Boost communication efficiency
  • Selective communication among a group
  • Reduce dependency on hand phones

WOKI – Malaysian Walkie Talkie Brand

We proudly bring to you WOKI brand walkie talkie

WOKI is not only a walkie talkie shop but a Malaysian brand of walkie talkie. The WOKI walkie talkie is basically a 2 way radio which is extensively used in the wireless communication field. Their 16 selection channels give users freedom to choose the communication group.

WOKI brand walkie talkie is fully capable of programming & carrying out communication task with some renowned international brands like Kenwood walkie talkie.

Supplying Quality Walkie Talkie Accessories in Malaysia

WOKI TALK supplies wide variety of walkie talkie accessories to the users in Malaysia. We have a whole range of accessories from several brands such as;

  • Hand mic
  • Casing bag
  • Ear phone
  • Battery
  • Antenna

Buyers will be able to get appropriate quality accessories from our accessories store.

Woki Talk is a famous walkie talkie shop in Malaysia
Woki Talk is a famous walkie talkie shop in Malaysia | Source

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      CL Chuah 3 years ago from Malaysia

      Sorry for my late reply.

      I am happy to work with you for setting up the walkie talkie communication needs. May I know if you still interested to get walkie talkie for your application as I miss out this request for 3 months time?

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      karen yap 3 years ago


      im looking for your walkie talkie .

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