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Watch TV on Your Laptop

Updated on January 8, 2011

Introduction on How To Watch TV on Your Laptop

Laptops have slowly begun to replace computers over the last decade, and in more recent years their on the move versatility has turned the laptop in to less of a business tool and more of an entertainment device. But how do you watch TV on your laptop, and more importantly on the move?

The good news is that some laptops now come with a built in TV tuner, but for those of you who didn't buy that particular upgrade, the good news is that you can buy a cheap laptop tv tuner so you can watch TV on your laptop.

While you can buy internal and external USB TV Tuners to watch TV in your laptop, External USB TV Tuners are much easier to install and use than an internal laptop TV Tuner.


How to Watch TV on Your Laptop

The simple explanation on how to watch TV on your Laptop is quite simply to buy a USB TV Tuner. You might need a little more information than that to make sure you can watch your TV how you want it though!

If you want to watch TV on your laptop on the move a simple USB TV Tuner might not be enough, you need to look for a Laptop TV Tuner that comes with a portable antennae so that you can always get a decent amount of reception.

These may be a little bit more expensive, but you should definitely look for a USB TV Tuner with an areal that suits your needs, compact, with a clip, even just a stand? so that you can watch TV on your Laptop no matter where you are!

If you generally find you watch TV on your laptop at home, you might be better off using a Laptop TV tuner which can hook up to your home cable network, giving you a significantly higher level of performance and reliability.

If your laptop already has an inbuilt TV tuner you may find that you suffer from poor reception or performance, in this case you may just be able to buy an external antennae or even hook your laptop up to your cable.

Problems when you Watch TV on Your Laptop

While you can watch TV on your Laptop without a problem in most cases, occasionally you may have problems.

The most common problems are down to old laptops, make sure you have USB 2.0 at least.  If you have an old USB1.0 or 1.1 connection you will have severe problems when you try to watch TV on Your Laptop. While your USB connection can be the problem, most problems come straight down to insufficient hardware.  Make sure your laptop meets the minimum requirements of the USB TV Tuner you want to buy.


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    • Peter Dickinson profile image

      Peter Dickinson 7 years ago from South East Asia

      Thank you. Never given much thought to the idea but perhaps I will in the future. Perhaps I will get a better reception than the TV itself.