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Digital Waterproof Camera Reviews

Updated on July 6, 2011
Panasonic TS3, TIPA's best rugged camera for 2011
Panasonic TS3, TIPA's best rugged camera for 2011 | Source

Best Waterproof Camera for 2011 - PANASONIC TS3

For 2011, Panasonic has reduce the pixel count of it's latest waterproof digital camera. As a result, the new Panasonic TS3 is head and shoulder above the rest when comes to the photo and video quality.

Pixel Reduction

Panasonic's old model, the TS2 was 14.1 Mp, and the high resolution renders the picture softer than the 2009 TS1. But the latest TS3 comes with a 2 million pixels reduction to only 12.1Mp. This helps improve the quality of each pixel. The result is sharper, more high quality image.

Waterproof Latch Improved

The battery & memory card compartment door has been reinforced. This reduces the chances of water flooding the camera.

Better Video Handling

While the HD quality video produced by the previous Panasonic was considered breathtaking, most non techie users complain that the AVCHD format was not Youtube friendly. Panasonic has made an improvement to the TS3. It is now equipped with a Youtube uploader. Users do not need to do any video conversion anymore.

Improved Scene Mode

You no longer need to switch between underwater mode and beach mode. The new TS3 is equipped with a smart single mode that detects if you are underwater or on the beach and takes the perfect picture with it's automatic setting.

Pentax Option WG-1
Pentax Option WG-1

Second Best Waterproof Camera - Pentax Opti WG-1

The Pentax Optio WG-1 comes in two flavors, the standard WG-1 and the WG-1 GPS, a slightly upgraded model with GPS navigation function.

Canon D10. A 2009 model is preferred because of it's big buttons and high quality images.
Canon D10. A 2009 model is preferred because of it's big buttons and high quality images.

The Third Best Camera - Canon Powershot D10

The Canon D10 is a 2009 model. But the price is just as steep as the newer 2011 cameras because it is still selling very well.

The picture quality is as good as the Panasonic TS3, but the VGA video is under average by today's standard.

What Do You Think ?

Who do you think makes the best waterproof camera in the market today ?

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    • lelaiskandar profile image

      Iskandar Suhaimi 6 years ago from Malaysia

      That camera came out around august. And my hub was done earlier. But i stand corrected. The aw100 is indeed an awesome camera

    • profile image

      Mark 6 years ago

      How come the Nikon AW 100 is not here ?

      It is even in the site u refer to in yiur 1st paragraph.