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Waterproof Digital Cameras insure exposure underwater

Updated on September 16, 2007

As if you needed any more features to consider when choosing your next digital camera I am adding one more. How uber (over the top) would it be to have a digital camera that can withstand rain, snow and yes - even a dunk in the pool.

Waterproof cases can be purchased, often at great expense, to protect some digital cameras. They are a great option to turn an ordinary digital camera into a waterproof digital camera. However, they require extra attention to details in order to provide the greatest protection for your camera. I read once that a reviewer ruined an eight hundred dollar digital camera during the review of a waterproof case. The seal was not lined up exactly right and the result was a very expensive disaster. This particular waterproof case was constructed of hard plastic and had rubber seals around the edges and on all moving parts such as the shutter button. A less expensive option would be a waterproof bag such as an Aquapac. There are sizes to fit most any size and brand of camera - even one with a zoom lens attached.

Options are available now that never were available in the past. I am talking about digital cameras that are capable of operating while under water. The ones mentioned here are not the only waterproof cameras available but they are reasonably priced and are readily available from retailers including, They have all of the expected features that we have all come to love, but the also have features that are far from standard.

The VuPoint Waterproof 5.0 MP Digital Camera sells for under $100.00.

  • Great price for someone that wants a second camera to use in wet or underwater conditions
  • Tested to 8 feet underwater
  • Small digital camera inside or out of waterproof case

The Pentax Optio W30 7.1 MP Digital Camera sells for under $300.00.

  • 10 feet of water is no problem for up to 2 hours of shooting
  • Capture pictures at ½ inch from your subject- wow!
  • Track your moving subject with the Auto-Tracking AF
  • Recover your deleted photos if you wish
  • Correct your photos inside the camera

The Olympus Stylus 770SW 7.1 MP Digital Camera sells for under $400.00. Watch the video to see even more cool features!

  • Take pictures or movies (including sound) up to 33 feet under the surface of a pool, lake or ocean.
  • Wet hands are slippery and this camera can be dropped from 5 feet
  • Pictures taken in the cold and bright light conditions are no problem
  • Don't worry about crushing this camera - 220 pounds of pressure is not too much.

The Sealife DC500 5 MP Digital Camera sells for under $600.00. Yes, this one is more expensive, but it is definitely a high end underwater digital camera. It is actually a camera that has its own custom housing that can be removed if you want on dry land but can be used all the time as well. There are several models of waterproof cameras in the Sealife line - some at prices under $300.00.

  • Shark Mode - don't worry - it just keeps a constant focus for moving subjects under the water and greatly reduces lag between pictures
  • Works well for sport photography
  • Rubber housing
  • Accepts Sealife flash attachments and wide angle lenses
  • These cameras can dive deeper than I would want to. They are tested to 200 feet.

I am not a diver or even much of a swimmer, but I think that the ability to take pictures underwater is very exciting. Think of the pictures you could capture of your kids or dogs. Take one on vacation and be ready for any circumstance. My vacation to Egypt in January of 2002 turned out to be the wettest, windiest and coldest week Cairo had seen in years so you never know do you?


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    • canon cameras profile image

      canon cameras 8 years ago from

      I really fancy a waterproof camera, never had the opportunity to actually use one.

      At the moment I am using an sd600 Canon. A real sleek beauty...