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Weaving is no joke,See Amazing Weaving Machines.

Updated on February 23, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

The Modern Machines.

New Man Made Technology.
New Man Made Technology.

Hi Tech Hi Speed Weaving Machines You never can see Easyly.

Warer must see Weaving Hi tech of today.

Have you seen this machine working anywhere else.

The Sound of Weaving Machine is Music for Tex Workmen.


We have come all the way from cotton to weaving.You will see here the picture of new Modern weaving shed with hundred of weaving machines weaving various fabrics of different designs and repeats producing million meters effortlessly and you can see how much of knowledge these ancient folks had which is a technology of the present era.

The Weaving Shed of the present day is fully automatic and weaves fabrics of required design or plain sheets in any width that is possible at a cost.We have Plain Automatic Looms,Dobby Looms that produce Checks,Jacquard Looms that produce any design,Turkey Towel Looms that produce Turkey fabrics of any type,Canvas Looms that produce Canvas fabrics,Tape Looms that produce Tapes,Circular Knitting Machines as shown in the pictures,Flat Knitting Machines and other machines that can produce lace and nets.

All machines except knitting machines need sheets of threads that come from sizing and drawing a process described already in such areas which flow vertically called as warp threads and a single thread that goes horizontally called as weft.You can see in the Video the warp threads that are in the machine vertically and how the weft is inserted by hand horizontally.This is a process that may produce few meters in say 8 hours.The same design produced by over hundreds of meters that can be in 8 hours.

Weaving Machine - Old type many in India.

Hand Weaving.

Circulor Knitting Machines.

Knitting Machine.
Knitting Machine.


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