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Web Advertising YouTube and Social Media

Updated on January 8, 2014

How to attract attention on the Web: THE Question

In the basics of presentation or advertising one way of attracting attention is the instruction: Be energetic! Be hyper and happy! Be Enthusiastic!

This is a style that Ray William Johnson has down PAT! His manic YouTube media channel "Equals 3" is indeed a place I sometimes go to jolt my own brain back to life when a tad drained or sleepy. His antics provide a welcome relief and revitalization.


Makin' it RAIN !!!
Makin' it RAIN !!!

His choice of media to focus on is also central. He has a real production staff, and he does script his shows. It's not as if he simply turns on his microphone and cam, and spontaneously produces =3 with zero forethought.

However, I can see his improv' comes in very handy. Once the general plan and tone of a show is set, he does have out-takes that are Very Interesting. Given the style and manner of his shows, sometimes his improvisational "accidents" are a bit professionally compromising.

But, he is truly "working". This is a serious effort on his part. In this video, before the first 5 seconds have passed, he has slapped himself in the face three times! He DEFINITELY Needs his vitamins ... or is it purely Red Bull talking?

RayWilliamJohnson bounces like a rubber ball on the =3 set

Radiating ... ENERGY !

People Just Acting --- Goofy

The choice of Ray William Johnsons topics: Super Saiyan Boy

Here, in this choice of Ray William YouTube clip, later in this video, is the famous scene of the boy that thinks he's a super-saiyan (cartoon super-hero). Now, this kid in the video, is truly HOPING he may have super powers. That's total "commitment" and Ray William very gracefully preserves a degree of dignity for the lad by acknowledging the "high quality" of the boys immersion into the role.

Just BEFORE Super-Saiyan boy is a case where there is a "double-fail" on a trampoline. A young man is jumping bouncing, and kinda FLIPS the trampoline, and the boy nearly falls badly, and his dog, comes to "Help Him"... trust me. It's funny.

Like I said, this kind of stuff can be like a refreshing splash of cold water to the face. It can shift your brain chemistry. Give you a laugh, and break up your day a bit.

But MORE IMPORTANTLY, is the advertising lesson to be taken from Ray William. He has found a way to engage the viewer and then COMPEL that viewer to watch... then Keep Watching...

Now, going from ONE extreme To the Other. Humor to Dry

Ray William Johnson is a dedicated WILD MAN.

But at the other end of the spectrum are the individuals actually using this medium to WORK. To simply try to accomplish something. So, at the other extreme is stuff about as fun as watching paint dry. Educational stuff, videos on technology for instance.

One fellow that has a small "media-company" is Paul Brown. He is a network instructor and owns the "How2Network" franchise. He writes books and has a training network that individuals can log into to use.

But the videos are not NEARLY as "Fun" as Ray Williams. Here's an example.

HOW2NETWORK Paul Browns Cisco Training school in the U.K.

I've begun making my own media, it's more work than you'd think

Under a business name of AutomationDnD I've begun making some of my own presentations. Slowly I've gotten a bit better.

In one technology series I found my voice began to give out from just SPEAKING. It was while I was making a 2 hour long instructional series, configuring an SQL data-base fail-over cluster. By the time I got to the final video ... by the end of the second day's recording. My voice was failing.

I think I managed well enough. But just learning to manage your energies to get through a prolonged effort is a major part of learning to actually "produce" ANY media.

When you hear the testimony of dedicated PROFESSIONALS of Entertainment media, such as Alannah Myles... As a fan of hers, and on her facebook page, she once said, "In order to make the song "Love Is", it took me, ... 500 TAKES ... ". Oh, my good, and sweet LORD! 500 takes? For ONE song. Now that IS "dedication" to perfection. And I happen to know that Alannah Myles IS, a perfectionist. And it shows, in the quality of her work. Those of us who "dabble" ... do not even rate. And even a hardworking Garage Band who is on the "way Up" in popularity, is still Learning the Craft.

So, in the name of "enriching" my own experience, I am trying to open my mind, at least a little. I have also experimented in other ways. I do not sing. I absolutely DO NOT sing. Yet I attempted to create a vocal beat-track, and did it by creating a 7-track recording... and I simply kept hammering at it, till I got it to what I considered a "passable" condition.

Of course, a professional singer with ANY degree of skill can outshine me on any day. But, the point is, I am practicing with media, recording, and the efforts required to produce some basic things. I consider it as important. And I do have many friends who may pop up and be able to help at any time. Or, to join me in a project. So, it is all preparation for future presentational works.

In the following example, it is my voice, but it's also NOT really my fully "natural" voice. I was actually having a great deal of trouble talking all through the entire series. I was rather tense, and I had actually been suffering from a very mild laryngitis ... and I was FORCING my voice to work. I muted the mike continually, clearing my throat... I literally STRUGGLED through this entire series.

By the end of two days of "this". My voice was ... SHOT... trust me. I was "done". I barely made it to the 8th part (15 minutes each roughly).

By that final video, my voice was so so shaky, I was editing the whole thing over and over. It took me a LONG time to make that final 8th part.

So TRUST ME. When I watch a guy like William Ray Johnson work, I am not only impressed, but taking notes. I'm not sure I can "do what he does" though, without bursting a blood vessel in my brain.

But I may try.

In this video series my voice was very "tight"

An attempt at a beat track, based on UH! by Fujiya & Miyagi

I will finish with a video example I find pleasantly CUTE

And another video that was a GLOBAL PHENOMENON.

The "cute" video gets ONE MILLION Views a year, accidentally, and FOR FUN. And the "Global Phenomenon" is simply also a kind of "accident", though professionally produced.

The following video was just a Kid... being ... a KID. It's simple and pure "goofyness". And I thought it was one of the funniest videos I've stumbled across. But again, it's a good example of "advertising".


It gets an estimated ONE MILLION views a year.

And it's just a Kid. Acting Silly.

I want a million views a year


If you were to pass Psy, on the street and he were not dressed in any particularly fancy or attention-grabbing way.

You PROBABLY would not even LOOK at him.

You'd walk by.

But here is my point. Gangnam Style, became a world-wide phenomenon. And if "Psy" can do it?

Maybe I'll do my technical videos "Gangnam Style"!

IF PSY CAN DO IT ...................

"Goofy" ... WORKS !


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