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Web Reseller Hosting is Not Just For Web Hosting Resellers

Updated on June 7, 2010

It is not always obvious that web reseller hosting is a great asset to those in the Internet marketing world.

Sure there is a great business opportunity for those who wish to sell web hosting to others. It is no secret that you can make a substantial profit by selling reliable web hosting to small businesses.

But if like me you are into Internet marketing and Search Engine Promotion then a web reseller hosting account can provide a fixed cost way of hosting multiple websites.

Web Reseller Hosting
Web Reseller Hosting

Many do not realise that you can get a reliable web reseller hosting deal for less than $30/month. This will then allow you to launch multiple websites without increasing your hosting outlay.

So why would you need to do this?

If you are serious about making money from affiliate sales or Google Adsense then the only real way to do it is to attack multiple niche markets with multiple websites.

Typically I will launch 5 or more websites per niche, start them going with a bit of promotion then leave them for a few weeks to see which ones start to get traffic. I then take the ones that have traffic and further promote them to improve search engine rankings and hence traffic. I then promote the others as and when I can.

But we are not here to discuss my marketing strategies. The point is that I launch new sites in batches of 5 or more, on a regular basis with no increase in hosting costs.

But Do I Need All These Websites?

Ok, you don't need to launch new websites at the same frequency as me for web reseller hosting to be viable.

The fact is that you do not have to do much to cover the $30/month costs. It depends on your niche, but in general just one or two sales each month will more than offset the hosting fees. So if you sell a couple of Clickbank products each month you are in the 'green'!

I would then suggest creating new blogs or websites either within the same niche or in new ones so that you 'spread the net' a bit further. Get 5-6 websites up and running and then promote them all.

There Are Things To Consider With Web Reseller Hosting Packages.

Like with everything you need to choose you basic tools with care. So it is worth checking out your web reseller hosting provider before you commit to anything.

Key points are:

  • reliability - your website(s) must be operational. Get this wrong and you will suffer big time. (This goes for any hosting!)
  • features - your hosting must have all the usual features as standard (php, mysql, cpanel etc.)
  • control panel access - for the master reseller account and the individual sub accounts.
  • support - when things go wrong you need to be able to talk to someone TODAY.

Find out more about reliable web reseller hosting packages at today.


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