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Web hosting account transfer: Step by step guide for web hosting account transfer

Updated on May 6, 2011

If you want to relocate your current hosting sites content to another new host, you have to follow some steps. Moreover, you also need name servers of the new hosting provider. In this page you will learn the detail instructions for web hosting account transfer.

What is required to transfer any web hosting?

To transfer any web hosting, you must have name servers of the new hosting provider. Web hosting name servers look like and Here, webtips123 is the name of your own domain name. You need to replace webtips123  with your own domain name.

  • Go to the newly hosting place. Configure or add domain name(s). Now, take a note of the name servers. Sometimes, the newly hosting service provider will give you the name servers to you. That time you just need to take the note of the name servers.
  • Login to the cpanel of your old hosting provider and enter the DNS record part. Here, you need to change the name servers. To change name servers, follow the following steps:
    1. Access to the control panel of your old hosting provider.
    2. Now, check the domain name, you want to transfer on the list.
    3. Check DNS menu
    4. Select edit DNS settings
    5. Then, choose name servers.
    6. Lastly, change the old name servers with the new name servers (the name servers, you just found from your new hosting provider) and save the changes.

After changing and saving the name servers, you need to wait for for the domain name to be fully transferred to your new hosting provider site. Generally, it takes not more than 24 hours to 48 hours to change the effect. After this time, you will see that the hosting is changed to your new hosting provider's site.

These are the common ways to transfer one hosting to another new hosting. If you are unable to understand this tutorial or if you are not enough expert in technical field, then I personally suggest to talk to your newly domain registrar to make these changes. They will help you to do it.

@Written by meRancidTaste


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      FUKKAD 6 years ago

      how to transfer lots of files instantly from old to new host?