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Website Review:

Updated on April 8, 2018

What is

It is a huge chines site in which big and small buyers meet with manufacturers and seller. Anything you want, you can find it there and that includes: clothes, toys, games, food, accessories, appliances, curtains, gifts, perfume, shoes, books and electronics. There are lots of seller and factories that offer the same item at different price, so you can search for the lowest price and as you know the more you buy the better the price they give you.

Clients Reviews

Alibaba is one of the honest websites that are available online; they accept all the reviews whether it is good one or bad one. So if you buy anything and found it is bad, you are welcome to write your review there, and no one will delete it. Unlike other places in which they delete any bad review and comment to keep you buying for them and fool you.

To be able to write a review in there you need to be a buyer who already ordered and payed for an item and that is regardless of your order price. Some sellers will offer you gifts or coupons if the item is not as in the picture or if they sent you the wrong size, and you are welling to keep it. Which is a really nice thing a seller can do.

Flaws of

As you will see the site is very big with lots of sellers, so you may encounter some cheaters who try to take your money and not to send you your payment. That is the case in everywhere, for that reason make sure that you buy from known well reputed seller as every seller in there have rating. Also someone cheated, you can always complain to the admins there about him and they will return your money after they investigate it.

Online coupons

They offer new comers special coupons such as $4 on your first order. Also they offer regular buyers discount coupons, which varies from $2 to 10$ and may reach $50 depends on your orders.

Thats not it, they have contests of different types, for example a context for the best review on an item that you bough or a contest for the best photo wearing the item that you bought from them

Why Shopping online at Alibaba is fun and saves money

We all like to buy new things and at the same time we like to save. We also like to shop and have fun at real stores and at times we like to shop from the comfort zone of our houses. Yes walking the mall is great but sometimes you can not find the product that you need and at the price you that want.

All the previously mentioned points are fulfilled here in because you can find thousands of sellers with thousands of options and add to this that you can bargain with them. The tip that I can give you that the more the quantity the less the price for each item will be.

Alibaba an online site that will make you a shopaholic if you are not already are. When you visit the site you will find that it is like wonder land, lots and lots of products with lowest prices ever, and that is why it is know world wide


The sites is amazing for shopaholic who like to buy good quality items with sale prices. I rate this site 7/10.

I gave it 7 for two reasons:

First : because the processing of the order may take up to week add to this a month or two shipping time if you pick the free shipping.

Second : they will return your money if you have an issue with the product, but would take a month or two also. Yet I have to tell you if you are clever enough and careful while shopping in that site you are going to save a lot of money and at the same time enjoy the amazing products that they offer you in there. Also the reward program is so nice and they have the loyalty app. So they offer returning customers lower prices than other new comers.


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      Queen 5 weeks ago

      Valubale info about shopping site. Thank you

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      learnfirst 5 weeks ago

      It is good information in it, helpful, going to check

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      Hana 6 weeks ago from United Arab Emirates

      Thank you, first comment, wow

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      learnfirst 6 weeks ago

      Great work thanks for the info.