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10 websites to waste your time on....

Updated on November 5, 2011

What to do when you're bored...

Yes there are the obvious websites, youtube, facebook, buzz......but here are the ones that really make you laugh and really put your creativity into full blast. Beware that you may get addicted to these sites....and I take no responsibility searched for this hub, remember?


For all those people who have a witty sense of humor, and love to play on words. Warning, you may get addicted to that site.


Again, for people who have a witty sense of humor, but like pictures that amuse you, and of course, funny pictures of animals.


For any fashonistas out there, who want to share their style with the world, you won't be disappointed. This site will let your mind flow with creativity and give you a fashion forward mind.


If you have a more technical mind, and like to deal with money, then this site is for you. 100,000 dollars, lets see how you can manage that!


A more risky site, that I wouldn't recommend to minors, because there are some weird people on there. This site is for the more daring people, or the people who really need someone to talk to, or have a general question.


Trust me, if you start to like this site, you will become addicted. You can search your name, and get answers that sound like the person who wrote it is your best friend, if you don't know what I'm talking about......just go and check it out!


The best site for inspirational quotes and lots of funny statements. They make you think about life. I can go through pages and pages of that site each day. It gives you some words of wisdom that can really change your life.


Lets phrase this like a advertisement. Are you one of those people who are more into grammar then into a game of football? Then this site is perfect for you. Words that people have misspelled and are given to everyone to laugh at.


You like Facebook? Have your parents embarrassed you yet? If they haven't check this website out to see what they could do to you......and what have done to others.....


Some vulgar language, but very funny.

LEAVE COMMENTS.....tell me how these sites worked out for YOU!


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