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What Are The Most Popular Search Engines on The Internet & How to Find What you're Looking For.

Updated on August 27, 2015

Technology is A Major Part of Our Lives

As more and more of us become Internet savvy being able to use the correct search engine also becomes more important. If you are looking for medical information you may need an entirely differing search engine than if you are planning a vacation. I will try to to give you an idea of some of the most useful ones for you to use as you do research on the web.

The Most Used Search Engine

When the internet first began many people used AOL for its ease. It was one of the first domain and internet providers to first appear.In 1989 AOL was launched as Quantum with it familiar phrase " You've got mail".In 1991 Quantum went public on the stock exchange and was changed to AOL.

Since their beginning the number of search engines as well as the amount of people on the world wide web has skyrocketed. How many people don't even own a phone book anymore? They go immediately to the net to find what they need.

Recently our local news commented that the intent being down was not a reason to call 911 because of the number of callers they had received one particular dozy when the Internet was out across our city!!!!!

I would be remiss if I didn't first mention Goggle first. Launched in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey BrinIt, Google has now been coined as a verb because of its use. It is fast,reliable and has a the single largest number of catalogue pages. That in itself speaks millions. It was originally called BackRub. Statistically 65% of US search engine daily traffic is through Google.,

Visit Google here


What does Web versus Internet mean? The Internet is a connection of computer networks. It is made up of different layers of information. The web is the most popular and the one we use. The networks are called "protocols". Other popular protocols are called email, instant messaging, etc.

A browser is a free software package to view the web on. The most popular are Safari, Internet explores, firefox and google chrome.

The winning top 2014 popular web browsers in order are firefox, chrome, opera, Internet explorer and safari.

Browsers come with Add-ons that add to the ease of use and enjoyment of your browsers such as java, Adobe reader,etc.. These are two of the more popular ones.

Social Media allows people to interact with one another on the Internet. One of the largest social media spots is not Facebook. It has an estimated 1.26 monthly users. We share photos, personal stories, media, anything we think might be of interest.

Schools are Excelling in their use of Technowlogy

The top Search Engines

Ok I promised the top search engines so here they are

  1. I already mention Google the number one search engine
  2. Bing is a great search engine by Microsoft. It is still growing and will show more shopping websites. A lot of it's appeal is just personal preference. I like it for finding great images.
  3. Yahoo is number 2 in search engines. It differs from Google in that Google goes more for speed, simplicity i.e. getting the job done, Yahoo is more flamboyant if you will and takes more time to find richer images, more shopping websites, etc.
  4. Ask
  5. Aol
  6. Wow
  7. Web Crawler
  8. MyWebSeach
  9. Info Space
  10. Info
  11. Dog pile
  12. DuckDuckGo
  13. Blekko
  14. Conenko
  15. Althea

These search engine offer many various things. I invite you to try each one out and leave a comment below on your favorite and why this is true.

Quick Tip

Want to find out who that telemarketer is . Just use Google's reverse phone number look up.

Want to find a review on a specific search engine ? Just go to this page.

Do you blog and want to find what people are searching for to increase you incoming traffic just got to Most Popular Keywords..

Best Search Engines on The World Wide Web for Beginners

Top Search Engines for Beginners

  1. DuckDuckGo This is more information in one place. It is simple with less spam than Google Visit DuckDuckGo here
  2. Ask is a search engine you can use in question format Visit Ask here
  3. Bing is by Microsoft and offers some extra results you might be interested in that Google may not show Visit Bing here
  4. Yippey searches for deeper questions, It will find more deep historical data. It actually uses other search engines of search for its data. Give it a try.Visit Yippy/Clusty here
  5. Webopedia is an encyclopedic search engine . It can be great for finding some very specific information Visit Webopedia here
  6. Yahoo does a little of everything. It offers news, media, email, etc. A good all around search engine for a beginnerVisit Yahoo! here
  7. DogPile will show results with crosslinks Visit Dogpile here
  8. The Internet Archive does just that. It takes you back to the time your search first appeared.Visit the Internet Archive here
  9. Maholo is the one human powered search engine
  10. Google. Back to out number one with the most information available.Visit Google here.


Power Search will teach you how to do a more thorough search on whatever topic you are looking for and which search engine to use to find your information. you can find it here.

Search Engine Watch

Search engine watch is a web page that not only ranks search engines but also shows you what everyone is looking for and adds fun websites to boot. It can be found here.

Top Ten Search Engines of 2013


Your Personal Experience

Please Leave your input on your favorite or not so favorite search engine.

I personally use Google the most but enjoy going to other search engines. It is very helpful to know what else is available on the Internet especially if you are doing a particular form of research.


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    • tsmog profile image

      Tim Mitchell 3 years ago from Escondido, CA

      Great article. I took notes too! Very useful as I was wanting this information for researching and developing hub ideas. Knowing where to go is very useful and offers ease too.