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What Are The Top Social Networking Sites Of Today?

Updated on August 8, 2010

What Are The Top Social Networking Sites Of Today?

 Social networking sites have a lot to offer.  They allow people to find lost friends and loved ones and stay in touch with those they care about.  They make it easy to keep in contact with all of your friends, family, and even fans if you are a celebrity.  Social networking sites are even relied on by businesses all around the world, to bring in customers and maintain a more personal relationship with clients.

 With social networking sites, businesses can even reach out to people halfway around the world and keep in touch using updates and messages quickly and easily.  Although there are a number of different social networking sites there are three that are especially well known.  That includes the Facebook site for one.  Through the Facebook site members are able to view profiles, add friends and view their friends and pictures, and modify information to offer to others about themselves.

 When you find someone you know or even just someone that you want to get to know you just need to add them as a friend.  You can make posts on your friends’ walls, write messages, and you can even start groups for missing children or to have an online garage sale.  Although the MySpace site was one that came around quite a while before Facebook, its popularity has weaned quite a bit.  The simplicity of Facebook is one of the features that make it so popular, as MySpace is more about using decoration and personalization and which takes more time.

 Having a MySpace page is pretty much like having a personal webpage and this is why many people now prefer Facebook because it is more basic.  Even more simplistic than Facebook is the newest social networking site to come about.  Facebook on the other hand only takes a few seconds to log on and write back to messages or write a wall post and there is a live feed that tells you what all of your friends have done recently on their Facebook account.  Twitter is much more simplistic and yet has really caught on because its main premise is to allow people to let others know what they are doing during the day or night.

 Twitter is the latest social networking site to come about and you can tweet your updates in 145 characters or less, even more simplistic than Facebook.  It is quickly gaining in popularity and is assumed to beat out Facebook in no time.  It is causing people to become more automated and less personalized.  Instead of going out and meeting people in person we are relying on the computer and the Internet to stay in touch.


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