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What Do DJs Wear - DJ Clothes

Updated on October 13, 2012
John B has a very unique style!
John B has a very unique style! | Source

What Do DJs Wear

About the author

Daniel Runs his own DJ Equipment Hire company in London and regularlly posts DJ related topics on his London DJ equipment hire Blog.

What Do DJs Wear

So you have the tunes, you have the gear and you even have the gig. You have been practicing for months and the sets pretty much perfect.

The thing is as a DJ you need style. You need to look the part. As a DJ, people will be looking at you as someone to respect. To be a successful DJ you need to be the full package and have people believe that your a really great DJ. Now I truly believe that the music is hands down the most important thing when DJing. Assuming that this isn't a problem, the next thing you need to do is wear the right clothes.

Clothing and fashion are a big part of the DJ scene. The fashion culture is huge in DJing and you need to find your own style to be the full package and succeed as a DJ.

The first thing to do is some research (Your kinda doing that now). Find out what the big DJs in your scene are wearing. What works and what doesn't. What are the local DJs wearing? You will be able to spot a DJ wearing the wrong clothes and base some decisions on that.
If your image fits the style you are playing your going to gain allot of trust before you have even spun a record (Not something I like but thats the way it is!).

You need to make sure your comfortable in the clothes your wearing. If your tense you won't look cool. You won't inspire confidence in anyone on the dance floor and that will make your job allot harder.

Don't forget your DJ bag to carry your laptop, CDs or records. Check out some of the great ones offered on Amazon.

If your spinning vinyl, long sleeves are a no no. Chances are you will catch one on the needle and things will go very badly from there!

What ever you do, make sure your clothing is unique to you. Make sure you have a style that you are comfortable with and something that fits with the music you are playing.


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