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What Do The Blue Ticks On Twitter Mean?

Updated on August 27, 2013
What does the blue tick on Twitter mean?
What does the blue tick on Twitter mean?

Have you spotted a blue tick next to a Twitter profile and wondered what it meant?

The reason is very simple and a very clever concept.

It means that person is exactly who they say they are. And I don't mean that you are you and that I am who I say I am. It applies to those celebrities, and high profile people of our world.

For instance, people have a lot of enjoyment out of making several fake accounts on Twitter pretending to be famous people. If in doubt, the real Madonna or the real Justin Bieber will have a blue tick against their name which clarifies that this is the real twitter account of that person.

In other words, it means that the account is verified.

How do I get my account verified?

The verification program is currently closed to the public. This means that you cannot apply, as a general member of the public, to be verified.

For more information, refer to Twitter's FAQs.

What Can I Do If I Am Not Verified?

Twitter highly recommends that you add a Twitter "Follow" button to your official website as one of the best alternatives to being officially verified.

This way you will get legitimate followers directly from your official website.

You can also add a link back to your official website from your twitter profile.

Are you twitterich?
Are you twitterich?

Are you twitterich?

If you can't be verified, can you be twitterich?

This could be one of the easiest ways to get one million twitter followers.

What does the blue tick on Facebook profiles and pages mean?

Just like the recent introduction of hashtags to Facebook, a Twitter concept, so too has been the recent introduction of verified pages.

Facebook, of their own accord, are verifying pages and profiles of celebrities, government officials, high profile people and those with large followings in an effort to crack down on the fake pages that exist.

So how can you apply to be verified on Facebook?


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