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What I Want in a Smartphone Weather App!

Updated on April 8, 2015

Looking for a weather app that catches your eye?

Being a frequent traveller, one who likes to enjoy the sensational flavors of adventures brought about by the journeys across different parts of the world, I naturally have a thing for remaining up-to-date with the weather conditions. My obsession with technology, gadgets and their accompanying smartphone apps also tends to spark up my zeal and emotion for weather updates. Well, in reality I have transformed into quite a weather-savvy person (in my own view of course!) and have been using quite a few smartphone weather apps across various platforms. Having split hair with a number of weather apps, I feel myself in a suitable position to give my verdict on what I should expect from any weather app to catch my eye.

First of all, it should inform the weather geeks about the minutest of weather details; offering a nice blend of accurate weather data and aesthetically designed user interface with subtle animations to simplify things for even the most novice of smartphone users.

Secondly, the application should be able to portray the current temperature of any location on the device’s Home Screen; thus facilitating a quick read! Thirdly, the app should be able to bring hyper-local weather updates to the users in addition to what the temperature actually feels like, with information on Wind Speed and Direction, Chance of Precipitation, Visibility, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Cloud Cover, UV Index, Wind Chill, Dew Point, Sunrise Time and Sunset Time.

Furthermore, the app should include high resolution animated weather radar maps in vivid colors for the weather enthusiasts. The ability to track weather history of any place in the world at any specified time along with alerts, watches, forecasts and other pertinent hazard information would definitely be an added value. The travel planner feature to predict for any location’s weather in the distant future is a must! And if the app can read you out the weather conditions, that would be great. Won’t it?

So if you are a weather fanatic such as me; you would surely want to stay abreast of the latest accurate weather conditions in your neighborhood along with numerous additional attractions. And your smartphone weather is an excellent source to serve this purpose. I would be looking for such an app which contains at least a few of the features mentioned above. You should also be on a consistent lookout for an app with the characteristics described above. In case, you do come across with one, do let me know and if I happen to find one before you do, then I assure you that I’ll turn up to quench your thirst.


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