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What Is a Remote Control Drink Cooler?

Updated on April 8, 2015

Remote Control Drink Cooler: details, instructions, and tips.

Drink coolers are perfect for an outdoor party, beach, picnic, family BBQ get-together, camping, or any other pastime. This device adds comfort to whatever occasion in hot seasons. Of course the remote control drink cooler may be just the thing indoors as well when you feel too lazy to get up and reach the fridge. The device moves forward, backward and rolls practically on any surface. You may keep beer, soft drinks and water in the drink coolers. As the coolers are mostly used for beer they sometimes are called the beer coolers. The article provides information on different types of drink coolers, including the remote control drink coolers, and gives a number of useful details, instructions, and tips.


The coolers produced nowadays are mostly inflammable. Coolers can be made of plastic, styrofoam, or fabric and they have inserts. Drink coolers vary in features, design, and color. Some coolers may be affiliated with sports and teams. Let’s in a few words review the two main types of drink cooler models existing on the U.S. market. One is an electric the other regular and a remote control cooler.

A good example of the electric-motor tricycle fully operational device is the Cruzin Cooler. It has the capacity of 8 pounds of ice and 24 12 oz. cans. It is made of a lightweight and durable aluminum used in the aircraft. The electric coolers are plugged to the car generator or to the wall. Some people prefer this type of drink coolers.

A more comfortable option is the remote control drink cooler. A remote control drink cooler (also know as the RC Cooler) carries up to 12 bottles or 10 cans, along with ice. However this is not the maximum as the RC Cooler can be expanded to a 6″ container once the shoulder strap is removed. In this case the maximum load it can take (both drinks and ice) would be 22 pounds. The cooler smoothly moves operated by the remote controller. Any direction and surface are just as good for the machine. It requires 6x C batteries. The remote controller normally works on a 1x 9v battery and its range in the average is 40″. The cooling container is made of water-proof insulated vinyl. The contents and the low temperature is protected by a zipper-lid.


Cooler Packing

You might want to know the basic principles of cooler packing. In this case please find below key instructions on how to pack your remote control drink cooler or the electric one.

First of all keep the cooler tidy. Remember to regularly empty and clean it from the inside and outside. The step by step instructions below on one hand will help you use the space in the cooler maximally effectively, and on the other – make the drinks maximally cold.

Packing Instructions:
Step 1. Carefully lay the bottles and cans on the cooler’s bottom. Do not stuff it carelessly but make one layer first. The bottom layer of drinks should be packed tight.

Step 2. Add ice over the first layer of drinks. Shake the container slowly allowing the ice skip all round bottles/cans. Put some ice on can tops. Use medium and small pieces of ice, thus if needed break ice cubes in advance.

Step 3. Sprinkle a portion of rock salt over the ice. Rock salt helps to decrease the temperature in the cooler.

Step 4. Make the second layer of bottles and cans. Repeat the procedure with ice and salt.

When you are done with packing and once some time passes, be ready to taste very cold drinks. In order that drinks and bear have the right taste, keep them in the cooler.

Whatever cooler you have you should know how to do the basic troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting Tips:
Electric cooler: Check the power supply. If needed unplug, shut down, and restart the electric cooler. Replacement of the power-supply cord might be required. Use only grounded outlet. To prevent excess ice build and water leak keep the fridge coils unplugged and clean.
Regular cooler (made of plastic or fabric): Make sure the lid closes well. If it fails empty the cooler to see if the lit works fine when empty. If it does, remove excess bottles/cans form the cooler and try the lid again. It may help. If the cooler fails to keep low temperature check the seal to make sure there is no leak. Water will help you see if there is any. Replace the cooler if too big a leak.

Our advice would be to keep the cooler (electric, regular, or remote control one) away from the direct sun rays. Heat will add extra temperature imbalance that the cooler will have to deal with. In the end it may simply lead to a break down.

We hope you have enjoyed the article about coolers, including the remote control drink coolers informative and very useful.

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