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What I've Learned From Facebook

Updated on July 1, 2015

A warning should come before you begin using Facebook. Its addictive and habit forming. Proceed with caution!

What matters in our world of uncertainty is the continuing things. The sun shining, the moon rising, raindrops, snow, the smell of a newborn baby, the excitement of Christmas, the love of family and friends who love you no matter that your hair is getting white or that your figure is this side of sexy.

Facebook is many things to many people. We all use it for what matters to us. Its not a wrong thing or a right thing. It can be seductive and provocative in its ability to transform us into robot-like people who feel the need to share our almost every move. Its a place where we can share our kids and our grandkids. We share our recipes and our gardens. We share our triumphs as well as our tragedies...our happy moments and those that arent so happy. Its the place where we can reach out thru miles of ocean to those we know in other countries and stay connected to them. Its where we ask for prayers when our hearts are heavy. And its where we air our opinions, popular or not and where we read yours, like or not.

Facebook is also a place where we find old friends. Classmates and co-workers and even long lost relatives pop up out of the blue and we begin remembering. Its a wonderful thing to have the ability to search for someone, look at a photo and instantly recognize that you found someone you havent seen in decades.

Ive found people I knew in high school and even though that was oh such a long time ago and mostly all that we now have in common is that we were crazy teenagers going to an all girls Catholic school and doing everything we could think to do to drive the nuns and the priests crazy, its still comforting to find the face of someone who knew you when.

Facebook is also a place where we meet new friends and develop relationships that before, may have never been able to happen.

I am grateful for the many number of people I have met thru Facebook. Many of them Ive been lucky enough to actually meet in person and I consider that truly a miracle.

I am grateful for Facebook. It brought me back in touch with my best friend, Pam. After all these many years, we are still the same little girls who giggled and laughed and cried and danced and sang our way thru our childhoods. And we are still the same giddy 13 year olds who screamed our heads off at a Beatles concert. And we are the same two girls who made it though our teen years experimenting with eye makeup and hairstyles and boys. And even though we are bordering on Medicare! we are still Sallie and Pam, mothers and grandmothers, who are still there for each other no matter time, or distance.

Life truly is a circle.


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