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What You Must Know Before You Buy LG G2

Updated on October 27, 2013

Back View of LG G2 Showing Power Button

The Shortfalls of LG G2 and What You Can Do About It


LG G2 is a great phone, but like other smartphones, it also has shortcomings. Some of the great features of LG G2 include: better speed due to its 2gig ram, better battery life, gorgeous screen, superb resolution, ability to charge quickly, very customizable and user friendly among others. But these great features also come at a cost. Although comparing the cost of buying LG G2 with that of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or Iphone 5S, one will clearly see that it is better to go for LG G2. The unlocked type of LG G2 sells for about $600 on amazon compared to Samsung galaxy note 3 and iPhone 5S that sell for about $700 and above.

LG G2 is great but not perfect and has shortcomings, in this critical review, I will point out some of its shortcomings. Although not all this shortcomings are worrisome but it is important that prospective customers know about it so as to make an informed decision. Also some of these cons have ways out and I have taken time to profer trusted solutions. I have done extensive research in order to make these shortcomings known to the prospective buyer. Please take time to peruse this article before you think of buying one.

Front View of LG G2

Critical Review of LG G2

Plastic Back Issue

The fact that LG G2 has a plastic back is easily noticeable when you hold this phone. This makes it register many fingers touching it. It would have been a better idea for LG to use a material better than plastic so as to avoid this. This means that if you are considering buying LG G2 then you may need a case to avoid this.

Big LG G2 On-screen Keyboard Issue

The LG G2 on-screen keyboard takes a sizable amount of the screen space making it challenging to have a better view of what you are typing or viewing. Although this is in a way good, because you can easily press the keys, but this reduce the space available to view other things. To solve this problem, you may consider Google keyboard or Swype.

Double Tap Issue

LG included the double tap option so that you may turn on the screen. This saves you from pressing the button located at the back of this phone. The problem about this option is that it doesn't always respond and this may makes it frustrating. One solution to this is to tap it thrice instead of twice but that doesn't give 100% guarantee that the screen is going to turn on, but you indeed increase your chances. You may also consider using the power button at the back.

Back Button Issue

The first smartphone I know to be having power and volume buttons at the back is this LG G2. This makes it very unusual and there has been mixed reactions from buyers to that. The LG's reason for putting the button at the back is that this is where your finger rests when you are talking to your phone. You should get used to this button placement with time, although there is probability that you may have problem with it at first.

Differences Between LG G2, iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy Note 3

iPhone 5S
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Unlocked sold around $600 on amazon
sold around $800
sold around $700
13MP camera
8MP camerw
13MP camera
Android 4.2.2
iOS 7
Android 4.3

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Lack of SD card

Space Inavailability of of SD card space means that the memory of LG G2 is not expandable. This may not be spectacular for you if you are Ok with small memory but if you want bigger memory then you need to think twice before you get this phone. Also I learnt that South Korea variant of this phone has microSDXC up to 64GB.

Battery Not User Replaceable

LG G2 battery is not user replaceable. This means that you can't carry an extra battery for this phone when going on a journey. Although the battery of this phone has excellent power but it would have been better if the battery is user replaceable. You can consider carrying charging dock when travelling to save yourself from headache of running out of battery.

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    • Adept2012 profile image

      Adebayo Adeolu Ibrahim 4 years ago

      @someonewhoknows, You are right

    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 4 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      Less for more! There is however an external power pack that you could probably buy to recharge it with.