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What You Must Know Before You Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 3 III

Updated on October 24, 2013

The Shortfalls of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Trusted Way Out


It is important to point out that samsung galaxy note 3 is an excellent phablet "as they call it" but it is not perfect and that is why I have taken time to take a critical look of the phablet. The phone has many great features, some of which are 3gig ram, 13MP camera, very light weight, the USB 3.0, the 3200 mA battery, the superb resolution, and the remote control functionality. But it also has shortcomings and they are discussed below.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3

picture of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 showing various parts
picture of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 showing various parts

Critical Review of Samsung Galaxy Note 3

After pointing out some of the great features of the phablet, it is time to go into the real work of analysis. Taking each shortfall one by one:

  • Similarities Between Note 2 and Note 3

I have included the similarities between note 2 and note 3 as one of the shortfalls because there are many similarities between the two notes; this may be a form of disappointment to someone who expect great difference. This does not mean that there are no improvements over note 2 but some of it may not be very spectacular. For example, you can capture a great image with 8MP of note 2 so that 13MP of note 3 is not irresistible, although it is a great improvement. Also there are similarities in the bluetooth, and wifi. But I am not saying that note 3 is not better than note 2, what I am trying to say is that if you are already using note 2 then you should try and research very well before considering to change to note 3.

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  • Region locked

Although, it is claimed that the phablet is unlocked but there has been serious complaint the phablet is region locked i.e it is not internationally unlocked. This means that it can not be used internationally, but according to what I learnt this problem can be solved by first putting the sim from one of the carriers in the region you bought the phablet to unlock it, then you can thereafter put any sim inside it. This means that if you buy this phone from another region then you must also buy the regional sim to unlock it. But I have also heard that some people have tried this without any result. This seems annoying. My advice is that if you are thinking of using this phone internationally, then you should think twice.

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  • Preloaded Applications Issues

There are many applications that are preloaded, some of these are fantastic, but some are just bloatware. Some of these applications cannot be diabled and these suck the battery. Users have called these applications bloatware that cannot be deleted but suck battery.

  • Home Button Issue

There has been complaint that the home button can easily pressed making it to drain your battery. Because of the fact that the home button stick out, it can easily be pressed when put inside the pocket or your bag. One solution to this is to root the phone, but this will make you loose the warranty. Multitasking Issue Although samsung has made it possible to multitask by splitting the screen, but you can only do these with their blessed applications and like you know, not all applications are blessed by samsung. Anyway, this is a step in the right direction, and I expect samsung to improve with time.

Back Part of Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 showing the camera and s pen
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 showing the camera and s pen
  • Price Issue

The phone is expensive being sold usually from about $700 upward. This makes it difficult to afford.

  • The Size

The size of this phone is 5.7". This is not a big issue, but it is important to call the attention of prospective buyers so that they know that it is slightly bigger that note 2 which is 5.5". You may need a big pocket to keep it.

  • Suggested Solutions to the Above Mentioned Problem

As for the similarities issue there is little to nothing you can do about this, as phone manufacturers try to produce new phones every year, one should expect something like this to happen. The region locked problem is best solved by making sure that you buy the phone from your region and also be ready to pay for roaming charges when going abroad. Preloaded applications issues is best solved by disabling those applications you can disable and making sure that those you cannot disable are not opened when not in use so as to conserve the battery energy.

As for the home button issue, one solution I learnt is that you can root your phone in order to save yourself from this headache, but if you are ready to root your phone then you must be ready to loose your warranty. I think the best solution will be to be extra careful so that home button is not pressed when not needed.

The multitasking issue is best solved through patience because I learnt that the number of applications supporting split screen will increase with time. As you know, the price of phone like this drops with time, so if you are looking for a better bargain then you must consider waiting for some time before you buy your phone. Also another solution will be to buy a used type, because they are usually cheaper. As for the size, the best is to try to hold the phone for some time and see how you feel using it. If you are ok with it on your hand then the 5.7" may not be a big deal. Please as a means of appreciating this research work, you can help me share with friends on social networks like twitter, facebook, google plus etc. Happy Reading.


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    • Adept2012 profile image

      Adebayo Adeolu Ibrahim 4 years ago

      You are right pauleggs, holding it with a small hand may be challenging.

    • paulmeggs profile image

      paulmeggs 4 years ago

      Galaxy Note 3 is a great phone but i guess it screen size should be a bit smaller for better handling.