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What You Must Know Before You Buy iPhone 5S

Updated on October 24, 2013

The Shortfalls of iPhone 5S and Trusted Ways Out

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This article is not about trying to make iPhone 5S worthless, and ofcourse it is not. It has many great features and it has improvements over the iphone 5. Some of the great features include: better speed, fingerprint capability, better resolution, iOS 7, 64 bit processor, better design among others. But these improvements also come at a cost. Iphone 5S is great but not perfect and has shortcomings, in this critical review, I will point out some of the shortcomings of the iphone 5S. I have done extensive research in order to make these shortcomings known to the prospective buyer. Please take time to peruse this article before you think of upgrading your iphone or buying one.

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iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S showing various parts
iPhone 5S showing various parts

Critical Review of iPhone 5S

Fingerprint Censor Issue

Iphone 5S is the first iphone to be using the fingerprint censor (torch ID) and this is a great improvement, but this feature has shortcomings. There has been reports that Torch ID may be a bit frustrating sometimes due to responsiveness issue. The Torch ID may sometimes take few seconds to recognise your fingerprint, also the fact that it only allow registration of five fingerprints may make it challenging for someone who share his or her phone with many people. You will really need to put your finger properly for it to recognize your fingerprint. Also if you have cracked skin issue, there may be difficulty for the device to recognise your print but this problem is not peculiar to the torch ID of iphone 5S, you can have this with other fingerprint scanners. One solution to avoiding this problem that may be associated with the torch ID is to deactivate it and use the normal password. Also you can register your fingerprint and four other fingerprints of your family members or friends so that you may save yourself of the headache of having to unlock it by yourself everytime.

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Back View of iPhone 5S

Screen Issue

Although the screen is relatively strong but it has been reported that screen got broken after it mistakenly fell down in one instance. This means that you may need to be more careful when handling it. Although this may mean that it is this particular product that is bad among thousands, but it is important as a prospective customer to know that you must be careful in handling this phone, because you may fall victim also.

Applications/Software Bug

Issues Because of the fact that the A7's 64-bit is new and many application developers have not optimized their applications for it, some of your favorite applications may not be compatible with it. As applications developers begin to optimize their apps for this new technology, this problem is expected to be solved.

Design Issue

The iPhone 5S has a similar design to that of iPhone 5S. Except for the home button and the camera, other differences between iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S seem minute and may not be easily noticeable. If you are already using iPhone 5 and you are such a person that is very critical about look then you may need to think twice before upgrading to iPhone 5S.

Differences Between iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, and IPhone.

Phone Type
Major Difference
Price of Unlocked Type
iPhone 5
no torch ID and A6 processor
from $654.99 on amazon
iPhone 5C
no torch ID and A6 processor
from $549.99 on amazon
iPhone 5S
torch ID and A7 processor
from $867.99 on amazon

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Battery Issue

The 1570mAh baterry will provide about 10 hours of talk time and 250 hours of standby mode. I believe Apple can improve the battery power. Many other smartphone batteries have better power so they should also improve. Like other iPhone batteries, the battery is not user-replaceable. I expect Apple to drop this conservative way of life and produce a phone that has battery that is user-replaceable. This will make it possible for users to carry extra battery when travelling, or when the need arises.

The Price

Unlocked iPhone 5S 16gig is being sold for about $ 899 on amazon. To me this is very expensive. I think one should just wait for the price to fall before you buy it. Or if don't mind, you can buy a used type.

Also I think that if you are a prospective buyer, then you need to know that this phone is best used with a case. You may consider buying apple approved phone case or phone case from third parties.

Please as a means of appreciating this research work, you can help me share this article with friends on social networks like twitter, facebook, google plus etc. Happy Reading.


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