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What You Should Know About the Iphone 7 and 7 Plus

Updated on September 8, 2016

The New Iphone 7


Each Fall, Apple brings their fans and investors a keynote press conference announcing their upcoming products. Each year, one of the most anticipated panels is the Iphone announcement. This year's announcement has been one of the most jarring. Apple announced they will ship the new Iphone 7 and 7 Plus later this month. Although there are no key design updates from its predecessor, there are some key changes to functionality, accessibility, and usability.


No Headphone Jack

What has changed on the outside? Quite a bit. One of the most notable changes is the lack of a headphone jack. A daring and controversial move by Apple to push wireless audio streaming has left users the option to purchase the new Air Pods ($159) or use a dongle adapter into the charging Lightning port to plug in a standard 1/8" jack. This leaves users needing an extra cable if they choose not to use wireless headphones and without the ability to listen to headphones while charging. The Air Buds are set to release in October. Some suspect the omission of the headphone jack made it possible for the new model to be water resistant. A great feature, but to some, doesn't make up for the missing headphone jack.

The New Iphone is Water Resistant


No More Home Button

The home button is gone, or at least, what you know as the home button. On previous models of the Iphone, a physical button was used to return to the home screen or for various other functions. The latest model has a touch sensitive surface, much like the actual touch screen, but closer to the power button on the Playstation 3.


An Extra Camera

Perhaps the most redeeming upgrade is the new camera. The back of the Iphone 7 and 7S now features two cameras. One is a wide-angle lens and the other is a telephoto lens. The addition of the telephoto lens promises to improve zooming capabilities and a better depth of field which will make portraits and selfies look much better. The cameras can also record true 4K resolution.

Complementing the upgraded cameras is a faster, brighter flash. The LED lights in the flash can adjust color to produce a truer photocapture.

And an Extra Speaker

Another welcomed change is an extra loud speaker. In all previous models of the Iphone, there had only been a single loud speaker. This prevented a stereo audio image and limited fidelity and volume. Now, the Iphone will act more as a listening device, with louder speakers producing a two channel image rather than mono. This will reduce the need for portable speakers when traveling or parties.

Other Upgrades

It is mostly expected now for each new Iphone model to have better battery performance. Although Apple is still reeling from the poor battery performance of the 6 and 6 Plus, the 7 and 7 Plus offers a slight improvement over the 6S and 6S Plus. Apple claims that the newest model will be capable of 13 hours of web usage via cellular. That is about an extra hour of battery life.

Although the screen isn't notably bigger, it will be brighter. The Retina display screen will be capable of going 25% brighter than the 2015 model. Although the resolution still lags behind some Android based phones, it will still boast the 3D touch introduced last year.

But if the lackluster screen, missing headphone jack, and unimpressive battery life has you down, at least there is a big improvement in speed. With the inclusion of a quad core processor, the latest model will be 50% faster than last year's. This makes it the fastest smartphone on the market.


Color, Storage, and Price

Apple has expanded the color options of the phone to five. Now you can have your Iphone in either two different black finishes, rose gold (pink), gold, or silver. However, the newly introduced 'Jet Black' will only be available in the 128GB and 256GB models.

Apple has disposed of the 16GB introduction model and now starts at 32GB. In addition, you can also have the 128GB and 256GB model.

The Iphone 7 starts out at $649 for the 32GB model, $749 for the 128GB model and $849 for the 256GB model. The 7 Plus is $749 for the 32GB, $849 for the 128GB, and $949 for the 256GB.


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