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What is Article Spinning and Should you Sping Articles?

Updated on February 12, 2015

Article Spinning

Should you spin articles
Should you spin articles | Source

What is Article Spinning?

You've probably heard the term article spinning. What is it though? Spinning an article refers to either manually, or with the assistance of software re-writing or changing an existing article turning it into a new article which is unique and will not be recognized by search engines as duplicate content.

There are essentially two ways to spin articles. The first way would be manually. Manually spinning an article consists of either copy and pasting an existing article and and changing out words and swapping out a few sentences, or in some cases, though more labor intensive pretty much re-writing the exact same article completely but plugging in some of your own words and ideas.

The automated process of article spinning however consists of basically either using a software or website to paste in an article which will be automatically spun and have much of the wording and sentence structure changed.

Should You Spin Articles?

This is really a decision you will have to make for your website or blog. Honestly as a reader I hate reading spun content. Manually spun content is doable but automated spun content is painful to read, it doesn't read smoothly, sentences often don't make sense, strange wording is used. It doesn't make for quality content or good reading.

Now if you're strictly going after making money spun content can sometimes rank well in search engines, it's easy to come up with a lot of content quickly, and if it's a topic your not passionate about or knowledgeable about spinning may not be a bad option.

That said if you're writing about a topic you enjoy, can write quality content and are actively engaging with you're readers I would suggest not using spun content. You will wind up turning readers off to your website or blog and even though you have some quality content and legitimately written articles on there readers will write you off as being an affiliate marketing type blog and not bother reading or coming back to visit your website.

The choice to spin or not to spin is completely up to you, however keep these things in mind when deciding to go the route of spinning articles. If you must spin articles I would suggest re-writing an article as opposed to manually spinning an article or even using someone else's article and just plugging in different words.

Though you can multiply the amount of content you have quickly and easily, your blog will also suffer from a lack of quality content which is what Google and other search engines really love.


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