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What is Computer Network?

Updated on January 13, 2010
Computer Network
Computer Network


Two or more computers connected together through a communication media form a computer network.

The computers are connected in a network to exchange information and data. The computers connected in a network can also use resources of other computers.

Computer Network Components

There are different components of a network. Following are the basic components of network.

1. Server:

Powerful computers that provides services to the other computers on the network.

2. Client:

Computer that uses the services that a server provides. The client is less powerful than server.

3. Media:

A physical connection between the devices on a network.

4. Network Adopter:

Network adopter or network interface card (NIC) is a circuit board with the components necessary for sending and receiving data. It is plugged into one of the available slots on the Pc and transmission cable is attached to the connector on the NIC.

5. Resources:

Any thing available to a client on the network is considered a resource .Printers, data, fax devices and other network devices and information are resources.

6. User:

Any person that uses a client to access resources on the network.

8. Protocols:

These are written rules used for communications. They are the languages that computers use to talk to each other on a network

Advantages of Computer Network

  • Networks allow data transmission among far areas also within local areas.
  • Networks allow different users share the processing characteristics of different computers.
  • Network allows users to share common set of data files and software stored in a main system.
  • Network allows users to share common hardware resources such as printers, fax machines, modem etc.
  • The cost of computing is reduced to each user as compared to the development and maintain of each single computer system.


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