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What is Cyber Dust?

Updated on March 28, 2015

Don't you hate how the people that get in first always benefit the most on on everything? I've had people tell me about how they had a chance to buy McDonald's stock in like freakin 300BC or whatever. Yeah, I guess, whatever man.

All I know is that a new day has come. Most of us have accounts on Google, FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. And neither of these services take away from the other. Now I'm preparing for people to add CyberDust to that list. CyberDust is only a year old and my assumption is that they are barely over 100,000 users. Those of us that follow technology know that all of the major sites we use have been transformed from what the creators planned and instead, have been molded into what us consumers expect from them.

I might as well be the unofficial ambassador to Cyber Dust. It's hard to get people to understand the significance of what is taking place right under their noses. Do you remember when Facebook came out and people were trying to explain to their friends why they should drop their Xanga and Black Planet accounts and join Facebook? I believe it's happening again.

This is your community. When Mark Cuban bought the Mavericks I was like ah cool. When I first seen him on Shark Tank I was like, oh, he pretty smart. But when I joined Cyber Dust I realized that either Mark Cuban is the smartest guy in the world or he has a psychic on his team. Personally I think he has a psychic on his team but regardless, Cyber Dust is exactly what we wished FaceBook and Twitter would have been. I great networking tool.

Are you already a Cyber Dust member?

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of The Cyber Dust Community

In my opinion, what separates Cyber Dust is that the early adopters seam to all have been Mark Cuban fans and thus business oriented or they somehow randomly stumble across it and loved the culture. So as they got others joining this net work, it became a natural breeding ground for businesses to grow. In my first 2 months as a member of Cyber Dust, I witness the first Cyber Dust business being created. It was an app called ShuttleO. This was an app similar to Uber and Lyft but designed more so around families.

I saw many more business follow. Some directly related to Cyber Dust like Cyber Dust Apparel. Others seem to be born because of the connections made on Cyber Dust such as Amplify Social. Will I be the next to start a Cyber Dust business? Will you?

Don't take my word for it that Cyber Dust is the best marketing tool in 2015. Right now over 100,000 people agree. By the end of summer, over a million will agree, and by this time next year, people will forget that this is Mark and Ryan's baby and they will be calling me the genius for promoting it.

So, if you want everyone to know how smart you are, join now. If you don't, then wait till next year when you realize all of your friends are using it and making mula. Personally I don't care. I just know that wonder bread ain't got ish on Cyber Dust. And informing my family and friends now will be considered my good deed for the year.

If you're interested and want to know more, download the app and send me a direct message at +TremayneStarr. I'll put you on. Until then, check out this video from +ScrapTV.

The Social Media Game Changer

Also check out check out my girl Cheri Garcia's article on Cyber Dust. She quit a 6 figure job because she was certain the she would be able to make it up using technologies like Cyber Dust.

And as I would say on Cyber Dust, Dust on!


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      3 years ago

      The article is true! I love CD. It's a great networking tool without the odd and awkward moments a networking meeting can turn into. Follow this guy and add me if you want two friends to start off with. My CD name +tessapriddy


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