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How Can Exit Intent Technology Increase Your Conversion Rates?

Updated on December 15, 2017
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Maryam is an entrepreneur, author, freelance writer, and content marketing specialist with more than 5 years of professional experience.

Exit intent technologies are the missionaries of the business world. The goal of their conversion is focused on achieving and maintaining an online customer’s loyalty to a certain business. Now online businesses consistently suffer from customer abandonment.

Hundreds of possible purchasers peruse their sites every day raising the hopes of the proprietors only to dash them by clicking away without any purchase. As a result, exit intent technology is a last-ditch effort to convert the indecisive shopper.

How To Convert Abandoning Visitors With Exit Intent Technology
How To Convert Abandoning Visitors With Exit Intent Technology | Source

Exit Intent Technology Defined

So, how does exit intent technology actually work? Basically, it is the monitoring of mouse movements that detect when a visitor is going to leave a site without making a purchase. Governed by specific algorithms this program introduces a pop up at the very last second to convince the visitor to remain on the page or proceed to a different part of the website. These are known as engaging messages. Now conversion ads are not restricted only to exits. They can also appear as soon as the visitor opens the web page or periodically throughout the visit.

Since most consumers are plagued by distractions while on the internet exit intent technology is there to reorient and focus them. Whether it is a little reminder or a splashy eye-catching ad, both serve to revitalize the interest of the visiting party.

Pop Up Strategies that Increase Conversions

Now the best defense is a good offense. Online businesses that are more aggressive in their use of exit intent technology tend to increase their overall conversions above and beyond their competitors. Now the best strategies for optimization are the following:

Cart Abandonment Ads

The worse thing that can happen is that a visitor engages with a website, places a few items in their shopping cart, and then abandons all their wares at the last second. It is a sad, sad blow to the supplier. However, the simple abandoned cart pop up not only reminds the visitor that their items may be lost but also includes an additional discount to snag the sale

Use Exit-Intent Popups Effectively
Use Exit-Intent Popups Effectively | Source


Sometimes the reason someone wants to leave is because none of the products interest them. It is true that most customers do not look at the entire site. Now there might be the perfect product for them that they blissfully overlook. This is the time for the suppliers to step in. By using exit intent technology, they can manipulate the pop up ads to introduce new content or alternative services that may be unknown to the customer. As a result, the full potential of the site is revealed and a purchase made.

Promotions: Coupons, Discounts

It is a fact of life that people like to feel special. Therefore, businesses should woo their customers by including coupons and discounts to those who join the exclusive membership clubs. By illustrating the benefits in pop up ads throughout the site, the supplier is ensuring that visitors get the message. Furthermore, including discount promo codes on exit ads are a good way to convert a waffling customer.

Newsletter/Email Subscriptions

This is another important way to keep your visitors hooked up. Send newsletters and Emails with attractive banners to grab the attention of your customers. This is very important step some businesses hire specialist for this step. If you have a budget you might want to hire one.

How Does Exit Intent Technology Increase Conversions?
How Does Exit Intent Technology Increase Conversions? | Source

Business automation

Automated platform or system can directly improve your business's ability to do more with less. Big or small, your business can be improved and can function with greater success through the use of an automated system. Cohesive channels of communication and up to date information is key to a well-functioning business.

With an automated business platform, you will have the ability to keep up with current information as it happens, wherever it occurs. This stable and constant data feed keeps will keep you connected to events as they transpire. Also, they allow multi-user access at the same time.

Through the use of an automated business platform, you can create and implement integrated business models and processes that are scalable. This allows you to ensure consistency in your business practice, saving time and allowing you to focus on other tasks. Business automation will keep everything together and you will be able to use your exit intent strategy in a good way.

Examples of successful automated business platforms are plentiful. If you are looking for the platform to unite all your business applications under one system, this is definitely possible. You have an excellent array of credible options to choose from.

If a business’ congregation is faltering there is no better revival than the implementation of exit intent technology. In no time at all, this program will provide an increase in sales as well as a vibrant, loyal community of shoppers.

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