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What is Hashtag in Instagram

Updated on June 13, 2012

Instagram Tag tips

Using Hashtags
Hashtags are a easy way to classify images with key phrases. They are involved in feedback and look like #cats or #sanfrancisco or #ilovetrees. You can add hashtags to your own images but any hashtags you try to add to other individuals' images will have no impact. You can look through images by hashtag by hitting on the hashtag in a statement or using the tag look for.

Adding Hashtags
To add a hashtag to one of your images, add a statement and consist of the search term with a # icon (like #cats). You can consist of several hashtags in the same thoughts. You can also add hashtags in individual feedback if you would like.

Removing Hashtags
You can eliminate hashtags by eliminating the thoughts it’s in: 1. Tap the alternatives option (the one with three facts to the right of the thoughts button), 2. Tap the Handle feedback option, 3. Tap the eliminate icon (white less indication in red circle) next to the thoughts, 4. Tap the Get rid of option to validate.

Searching for Hashtags
To look through images by hashtag, you can use the tag look for. This will explain to you any related labels and the variety of images with each tag: 1. Tap the Information tab, 2. Tap Search Instagram, 3. Tap Tags, 4. Get into your look for and tap the red Search option, 5. Choose the hashtag you want.

Personal Hashtags
It’s typical for individuals to make a hashtag that suits their login name (like #brianng). The producing hashtag webpages are a practical way to look through those users’ images. You can do this for your own images by including your hashtag to each of the images you would like to appear on your hashtag web page.
source: instagramtips


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