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What is Mega Monday?

Updated on September 5, 2012

Mega Monday Online Shopping Day

Also known as Cyber Monday, Mega Monday is the name given to the busiest online shopping day of the whole year, and the point at which internet usage is usually at its highest. The term was first coined in 2005 by experts in ecommerce, after heightened internet activity was seen on a particular day prior to Christmas. Mega Monday usually falls prior to or immediately after the end of November, when online shoppers spend their November pay packet on Christmas presents for their friends and family. Mega Monday is also usually the first Monday after that other well known internet phenomenon, Black Friday, which in the USA is the day after Thanksgiving, when levels of shopping generally are traditionally very low.

Mega Monday sees increased online activity

Mega Monday 2012

In 2012, Mega Monday is expected to fall on Monday November 26th. The cumulative effects of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and the November pay day are expected to be slightly dissipated this year, as Mega Monday 2012 actually falls before most people will receive their November paycheck. Usually, the long holiday weekend increases the impact of Mega Monday, as people consider what to buy while they're at home, effectively window shopping online, before going into work on Mega Monday having been paid, and using the office broadband to order Christmas gifts during the lunch hour (or during the day when nobody's looking).

As Mega Monday 2012 falls before the November payday, experts have predicted that rather than be reduced, the impact of Mega Monday will be spread over a longer period, with some commentators suggesting that as many as five weeks before Christmas seeing heightened online shopping activity. At a time of recession and fiscal doom and gloom, retailers are looking forward to this substantial shot in the arm; many Black Friday special offers are available for a week either side of Black Friday, including Mega Monday itself.


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