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What is an Application Server and What is an Application Server Used for

Updated on April 29, 2013

What is an Application Server in Networking: Article Summary

This hub will contain the definition of an application server, what is an application server used for as well as its importance and uses in computer wired networking and in wireless networking.

Definition of an Application Server

Application server in its simplest definition is the server that is used and holds certain large application in order to develop another application based on it. It can also hold one or more application framework depend on the strength of its hardware capabilities. Application server can be found both in a wired networking and in a wireless networking, but many of the popular application servers are web based. Some examples of an application server is the .Net Framework developed by Microsoft Corporation, this framework has many libraries that can be used on making windows applications. .Net Framework is made available in many versions of Windows Operating System because it is needed in order for the windows application to run in computer desktops. Another one is the Zend Server developed by Zend technologies. Zend Server is an application server that is used on developing PHP applications. Though there are many application server that is used to make PHP applications but Zend Server is a good one to be mentioned. Other example of application servers are the Java EE (Java Enterprise Edition) for Java applications developed by Oracle as their computing platform for Java Programming. Then, there is also Weblogic Application Server that is used and developed also by Oracle Corporation to support and integrate their applications. This Weblogic Application Server is one of the strongest application server that the Oracle has, because it supports many frameworks. It even includes a Telecommunication platform and HTTP web server in its claws. The last example of an application server is the WebSphere Application Server that is used and developed by IBM Corporation. WebSphere Application Server same as the Java EE, also hosts Java Applications made by the company.

What is an Application Server Used For

There are many uses of application servers. The primary reason was already mentioned above. Other uses of application server that make it apart to other kind of servers is that application server contain components such us different platforms, sets of libraries, and flexible runtime environment supporting one, two or more programming languages that will be used to create and deploy desktop applications and/or web based applications. The usual kind of companies that has application servers are the Software Manufacturer and Software Vendor companies, as well as some Telecommunication companies. Other reasons for using an application server by such companies is by providing their computer network a centralized place of configuration for all their applications. So, any updates and changes that might be needed along the way will just be easily carried out. Aside from that because it has a centralized configuration, the security of accessing those applications is also high. Through application servers, there business operations are also running smoothly without worrying about network traffic because of its client-server model. So, the return value and the benefits they get is high.

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