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What will America do if all computers fall asleep?

Updated on January 28, 2008

In this world of artificial living, computers and tehnology have made a great landmark. Our lives seem dull without the tech word. It has made an indelible mark in our lives. Just imagine urself without the technology of today.

Tech savvy like us can't think of a day without technology. And wondering that

we have to live without it makes us shiver. The imagination of America without the ever-buzzing computers is a mere fantasy. However, if so happens, America or the superpower will turn another isolated village in India, deprived of any connection whatsoever with the outside world. Such a wild imagination for the lone superpower in the world will mean NO business for the entire world community. However, if the United States ever faces such a scenario, I don't think any other country will find time to cheer. If this can happen in America, the fear of the same befalling other countries cannot be ruled out.

Also, if this really ever happens, Iran will feel itself SAFE...because President Bush cannot strike it without all the modern day equipment. Today, we eat, drink and sleep technology. If u want to talk to ur friends

tachnology [computers] is the best recourse. You want to look up for something, technology is the buzz word.. u wanna a toy for ur little kids, nothing better

than computers...u wanna enhance ur learning, knowledge....nothing equivalent to

computers. U wanna enjoy urself,, get logged on to computers. U wanna earn ur

living,,, say hello to computers.


Therefore, if ever computers are blocked, dead, or whatever tragic happens with them,

life will definitely come 2 a standstill.

But, if something benefits out of this will be the environment. It will definitely breathe a sigh of relief away from the buzzles and ding-dongs of the hectic, busy life that is always putting a huge pressure on it and burdening it.

So, something that comes out victorious of this imagination will be the environment, defeating America and the world.

Should we start hoping that such a day comes in our lives at least for the sake of environment? What you say?


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    • profile image

      David Luke Michael Bryan 7 years ago

      Im already waiting for this day... and im not afraid of the this because there is nothing more important than the survival of this planet. sacrificing the human race is a must to save this planet. We are the virus that eats at the membrane of Our home And we will be exterminated...................... Our time will come... And the World will turn a new page... I just wish this would happen in my lifetime so i could smile and feel free in my soul knowing that finally Mother Earth would be reborn!! Bring on 2012!!! LETS PRAY THE MAYANS WERE RIGHT!!!!

    • profile image

      Rast 7 years ago

    • profile image

      Sam 9 years ago

      Also, we would not be sent back to the 1800s if all technology were destroyed; we'd be sent back to caveman days. "Technology is a broad concept that deals with a species' usage and knowledge of tools and crafts, and how it affects a species' ability to control and adapt to its environment,"(wikipedia). I understand though that you meant having only computers and any other mechanical item destroyed, but there's aways someone with the knowledge to make more and there's always someone that can teach himself to do so. Will power and would be recreated just as America has been kept together since it was formed with the constitution.

    • profile image

      Sam 9 years ago

      It's not that computers provide everything, it's just easier to get through computers. They weren't invented until recently; back in 1986 if i'm correct. And it's not just the US, Asia is actually the leading internet user in the world followed by europe, then the US. Check it on While it would be interesting for computers to vanish, some teenagers and most adults will be able to survive if they had not used any technology until they were at least in high school. I would actually like to revert to those times for a day or two, just to see what it would be like. We're human and would survive though sheer will power and stubborness.

    • profile image

      dafla 10 years ago

      Not funny how dependent we have become on technology, is it? My son says "Technology is Satan's way of destroying the world". We are now so dependent on computers that if they all crashed, the world would be sent back to the 1800's. That might actually not be a bad thing. We would all be uncomfortable, but we would likely survive. Undoubtedly, there would be bedlam until things were brought under control.

      Makes you want to hide your money in your mattress, and start stockpiling food, doesn't it? Maybe those "crazy" militia survivalists would be the only ones safe. They've been planning for this for a long time.

    • profile image

      PlasticPilot 10 years ago from Europe

      I don't share you point at all regarding environment ! Many industries in area of chemistry, nuclear plants, heating, gas production and treatment units, but also fuel tankers and many many others depend on computers for their management and safety ! These computers are certainly not standard PCs (...) but they are computers. So please no, don't hope for it, specially not for the sake of environment !

      With no computers at all, no one would be able to get money out of a bank, so we would all be in bankrupt ! Happy farmers who can then continue to eat !

      The consequences would also be dramatic in hospitals ! No more vital sign monitoring, no more infrastructure for RMI, scanners, and logistics. This would also be the end of all forms of transportation, communication ! Even postal services rely on computers.

      This is without mentionning all computers managing air-conditioning, heating, lifts, access control, lighting in modern buildings, nor your car's engine !

    • Tottie profile image

      Tottie 10 years ago from Australia , or China, or South Korea.

      The mind boggles. We know the trauma that results from a system being down. these things happen - e.g. the bank's online system crashing and retailers being unable to process sales for a full day - I know it has happened.

      Recently our whole city transport system went down - so no one could purchase their tickets for most of the day, so the rail system particularly lost a lot of money.

      If they all went at once - whew! There could be silence as we all sit in stunned horror - as no one can do anything. If I had no electricity I'd run out of laptop battery in three hours (if it was fully charged), and little else would work around here.

    • Tottie profile image

      Tottie 10 years ago from Australia , or China, or South Korea.

      Ooopss. I must had done an accidental extra push of the enter button! Technology!!!