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What Computer Programmers Need

Updated on August 30, 2017

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Impressive Internet Speed

What can be one of the most frustrating factor to anyone working in the tech world or even in any industry? Well you said it, slow internet speed! A programmer does a lot of research and uses a lot of online resources to write code, intergrate code, compile, run tests and of course the occasional YouTube video in between breaks. Make sure that a programmer has impressive internet speed.


Who does not like to listen to music, audiobooks or anything relaxing with headphones over your ears focusing you into a deep coding zone. To programmers, it is a must. The moment they are done making their morning coffee and getting back to their desk the first thing they touch will be their headphones and hitting up an audio playlist or even listen to the morning news.

A Good Keyboard and Monitor Setup

We all need the tools at our disposal to get the job done. What makes a programmers life very much easier is extra monitors as well as a nice keyboard and mouse. Who wants to minimize different windows when all of them can be open in front of you.

Nice Air Conditioner in the Office

Well during very hot summers this is usually a luxury more than a need. When it comes to programmers though I would refer to it as more of a need. Long hours looking at your screen and your brain just gets more and more tired and all you can think about is closing your eyes just for a few seconds, minutes or even hours! A light cool breeze can help stay you awake and focused.

Love and Appreciation

A lot of tech staff in IT feel unappreciated most of the time and the question is why? When everything from systems to software are up and running smoothly no programmers or tech ever gets a thank you for their efforts for keeping everything in such good condition and intact or well let me say it is very as in very rare. Why not slide some gift cards or tickets to a show to showcase some appreciation but in most cases a thank you often will do the trick.

A Good Salary

Well I think the salaries of software engineers today speak for themselves. The tech and digital market is rising constantly and improving. We need the experts to keep doing what they are doing. Most programmers are well compensated but an extra bonus of two won’t hurt any programmer ever.

© 2017 Chad Crouch


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    • Anita Hasch profile image

      Anita Hasch 7 months ago from Port Elizabeth

      How I would love to have the programmers knowledge.