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What you should know, before starting your blog

Updated on August 8, 2016

Making your blog a booming success is a subject of getting started on the right foot. There are several bloggers who take the wrong path and have nothing to show for all their hard work. In this article, there are many important advices you are going to take into consideration before launching your brilliant blog.

Choosing the Right Domain Name:

The moment you're all excited about starting a blog, you can miss out on important part, including the domain. You might not even be aware of how effective the right domain can be when you're about to start, but have a look at a number of the long, boring website names on some sites and you will probably see why. Not focusing on the domain name is one of the faults that you should avoid if you need your site to make it big in the long run, because is actually one factor that you won't have the ability to change later on. But do you even know what your domain name needs to have? Consider creating a domain name that has at least two words and can be easily branded, and then register a any extension for it .com, .org or .net. What kind of domain name you choose does depend on the niche you're aiming for, but again, keeping these points in mind will help you select the right one


Email Subscriber Data

You need to be building a list of subscribers if you have a blog because otherwise you are simply losing a lot of revenue. It's a mistake to never leverage your readers to increase your email list, because over time it will prove to be the biggest asset for you. Building a responsive list is akin to having money in the standard bank because all you have to do is send out emails to your list and watch the money start rolling in.

It is possible to cement an even more powerful relationship with your audience if you offer them content both in your emails along with your blog. You really need to care for your list and that implies offering real help without requesting anything in return.

Domain name
Domain name | Source

Business Models Are Essential

Deciding on the right business model is critical to making a blog profitable. You need to be quick about implementing a business model and plan, because otherwise you will be losing a great deal of money. Using a plan is also essential, because otherwise you won't understand how to leverage the content you create to generate profits from it. By working all this out of the beginning, you will be able to figure out just who your focus on audience is, what content is effective and what blog design is suited.

Unlike what many people think, it's not that hard to generate profits from your blog, to relax and play use the right method. Choosing the right business model will make your journey towards a profitable blog much easier.

There is much that goes into making your site successful and the above article is merely the beginning. There are many other stuff that you will learn as you go along, which will help you make the most out of your initiatives.

Social media engagement

Social media engagement shouldn't be a passive experience. Rather than waiting for clients or readers to reach out to your blog, proactively build relationships anyone who mentions you or yuor competitors on social media. NM Incite's "State of Social Customer satisfaction Report" claims that 71% of consumers who experience a fast and effective brand response on social mass media may recommend that brand to others. That examines to just 19% of shoppers who do not get a quick response.

Social media Engagement
Social media Engagement | Source


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