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What's the next big thing? I mean, like computers, then internet, email, search, social networking, and so on. So...

Updated on October 16, 2007

My answer is social networking !

Yes, right now social networking is exploding on the internet. You can make many friends and promote yourself. Networking sites are still one of the best tools to find employment. I have found that by joining many different social networking forums and communities, you are able to introduce yourself to a broader, more worldwide audience. These sites are great free resources to assist you with your job search. If you take the time to choose your words well, add new friends, visit their profiles, add comments or discussions to help them, then you are much more likely to succeed with social networking. If you come across as too pushy, then you are likely to lose valuable business contacts.


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    • cr8nwealth profile image

      cr8nwealth 9 years ago from Las Vegas

      The Social Networking phenomenon is here to stay and is only going to grow more...It is a FANTASTIC place to build your NETWORK whether personally or professionally...I have already seen more results utilizing them for my business than I would traditional methods of randomly meeting people...

    • JazLive profile image

      JazLive 9 years ago from Decatur

      Yes, I agree and am working on my on network community JazLive