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When did "balancing the governments budget" cease being of importance?

Updated on July 23, 2016

President Regan in 1964 - just after the J.F.K. Assassination

"... confess, that an intellectual elite, in a distant capitol, can plan our lives for us better than we can plan ourselves. You and I are told increasingly we must choose between Left or Right..."
"... confess, that an intellectual elite, in a distant capitol, can plan our lives for us better than we can plan ourselves. You and I are told increasingly we must choose between Left or Right..."

How do these words "stack up" 50 years later? - Just LISTEN


There is NO SUCH THING as a "left" or a "right"

[Ronald Regan]


"...In the last 6 years, 52 nations have bought 7 Billion dollars of our gold. And all 52 are receiving foreign-aid from this country. No government ever voluntarily offers to reduce itself in size. So, government programs- once launched- never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to 'Eternal Life' that we'll ever see on this Earth. Federal Employees number two and a half million. And Federal, State, and Local are one-out-of-six of the nations workforce employed, by government. These proliferating bureau's with their thousands of 'regulations' have cost us many of our constitutional safeguards. How MANY of us today, realize that Federal Agents can invade a man's property without a warrant. They can impose a fine without a formal hearing, let alone, a trial by jury. And they can seize and SELL his property at auction to enforce the payment of that fine. In Chico-County Arkansas, James Weir over-planted his rice-allotment. The government obtained a $17,000 dollar judgement. And a U.S. Marshall sold his 960-acre-farm at auction. ...The government said it was 'necessary' as a warning to others, to make the system work." [Ronald Regan - 1964]

"Why" did it become unimportant to balance a Gov't budget?

Ask Yourself.

And take note, that in the time frame of this public speech (by Ronald Regan) President Kennedy is removed from office. You would do well to ask yourself "why"... that particular man was removed from office. There are many things this nation has "learned to forget"...

While American Idol, runs another episode.

ASK Yourself, what were Kennedy's intentions? They are a matter of record, not everything is available, but ENOUGH is... What drove the Man (J.F.K.)? What did he WANT for America? And for the People? What was it that HE "chose" to do with his life? And what was it that he wanted to GIVE us, as a choice? And when Vietnam lurked as a war, he was a man who proved his resistance to the tendency to make war. Note how the Cuban "missile crisis" came out, at a time when we (as a nation) had been "primed and pumped" to go to nuclear fisticuffs with Russia.

War was simply UN-necessary. And that was what Kennedy stood for. (peace)

Kennedy dis-allowed war.


Kennedy... PERSONALLY created, opened and maintained "back channels" of communications with the Russians and with Cuba. He WANTED ... peace, and prosperity for all...

Double Bummer.

The man simply would not "play ball". Hence, removal was required.

So... How ARE diplomatic relations going with the U.S. and the world now?


Why don't we also consider how we "Rock the Global Economy" lately? Just how "useful" have we become (as a Nation) compared to a striving new nation full of hope, life and vitality? What have we ALLOWED to happen here? How ARE we using our resources? I would hope that our President be a little careful on the world stage, with sanctions, (or any threats) when he has little to "threaten" with, except debt, and that "Big Stick"? And it's Roosevelt's "Big Stick". It's not even President Obama's "thang". He's dragging around a WWII club, and 50's pride... and has on Kennedy's suit as IF... that is the "America" that the world see's today.

That's NOT necessarily what the world see's.

What if the United States, has simply become a (Brainless) "Paper Tiger" of devalued bond-ratings, and a "Roid-Raging" Bully with muscles. We do have rockets, missiles, bombs and tanks bristling, but little to contribute (usefully) on the Worlds playing-field if we carry-on, without contributing something other than war. We might be like, some meat-head with little to say, most likely... and ready to "pounce" to take your lunch-money.

I COULD be "wrong"...

Why do I keep getting the feeling that "Bring Democracy to the World" has become a euphemism for "EMPIRE BUILDING" and oppressive financial control?

And NO ONE (in the global community) seems to want to invest in the American Dollar anyway, so WHY would we push it ONTO a country? I'm a little baffled by this behavior.

Seems a tad... un-American ... to me.

But maybe WE "as the population" within these continental borders should see to it that our Government does strive to "do something of value", first with 'us', the American Population... (we The People), and then also on the world front, instead of buying all the mainstream media. Instead of buying all the "pride" we have shoved down our throats.

I'd like to be "proud" of something other than the accuracy of a bomb in an urban strike. We should be LEADING in medical technology, space, and robotics. Leading in business, finance and human health and welfare... What Happened?

Some peoples of the world consider us to be warlike. I thought THAT type of thing (war) and warlike activity, was the LAST resort?

Where ARE all the smart people?

They're probably out doing something "dumb", buying Bit-Coin.

It's sometimes funny, sometimes sad

What do "average" American's know of the world?

I am NO "apologist" and I DO indeed believe in "National Pride"

It would be a FAR wiser "move" to truly shut things down, for a brief while internationally, to pull-IN the military, devote ALL resources to a "5 year plan" of technological evolution and revolution, while we HELP our 3rd world Global community, and let the Middle East manage their own affairs.

In 5 years we could BLOW AWAY the entire financial world with a technological revolution... I know that we could. Especially with NEW Ally's built from the 3rd world. I KNOW... what is "in the offing" technologically, AND financially. I do understand what the potential is. And we should move to create and manufacture and build business with the World. I'm not so "into" the global paranoia thing.

I think we have WASTED the last few decades.

Why are "we" (average people) so quiet on this stuff?

Kennedy wanted technological progress, advancement, and healthy growth of the U.S. Economy. He wanted a TRULY strong and independent American currency...

( Triple Bummer ! )

Yet in the middle of the Cuban missile crisis, as the United States faced a Nuclear War. The newly minted President was labeled "weak", by his detractors, (saber rattlers).

Forget the meaning of "Political Party", forget the names, forget accusations. I merely ask that you listen and take note of what information may be gleaned from history. Take note, of the FACT. That Reagan is reporting here, that "for the previous 3 decades" the American budget has become increasingly unbalanced. Note that Kennedy has been removed from office. And just prior to that, Eisenhower had warned us of the dangers lurking right in our very faces, and threatening our life style.

And "here" it is, in 2015.

Hear President Reagan as he too makes the speculative statement that in the future... we will wonder WHY we "who have so much to lose", do so little to prevent the upcoming changes.

12 Years after Reagan's "farewell"... 9/11 happened...

Even in his "farewell" speech. You can hear the "echo's" of a more "innocent" time in the speech, cadence, and "belief" within his words.

Since 9/11 - the entire "consciousness" of America was purposefully manipulated to a new belief.

I think the 1964 speech has MORE relevance today, than one would believe. Those that believe in the power of "manifestation" would understand exactly what I mean. And what we need to "manifest" is the desire to raise families. To grow food. And to raise children happily, and to practice Good Trading with neighbors.

And cut out all the nonsense that would draw us away from that.

Steven Covey, in his book that was "The" most read business book of the 20th century. Tells us, we must tend to "First Things First".

What is YOUR "first" priority in life?


...Pardon me, I must now truncate this article.

The next episode of "Idle American" is on.


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    • stvrich profile image

      StvRich 3 years ago from East Rockaway - Long Island - Planet: Earth ~

      I'm just curious to see if anyone has any opinion of these old (recorded) words. And curious to see what people think of the environment today, vs. this "warning" from Regan. Wondering what the general population might think.