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Where are Embossed Nameplates Commonly Used?

Updated on February 15, 2014
Embossed Nameplates
Embossed Nameplates

What are embossed nameplates and where can you usually find these being utilized? If you were to define these plates according to their name, you will easily see that these are metal plates that are marked with text or designs that are raised, or otherwise known as embossed. The markings on these metal plates are created with the use of a male and female die, and the materials that are used for these metal nameplates include aluminum, stainless steel, and brass, to name but a few.

The process that is used to create these nameplates will sometimes require the use of heat, depending on what metal is being used and what kind of embossing is being made. Sometimes, this particular procedure creates numerous plates at one time when a roller die system is used. The combination of the pressure that comes from these dies, and the heat that is added to the process as this is being done, actually helps produce a smooth raised image or pattern.

Some people may easily confuse nameplates with sunken patterns as embossed plates. These are actually the opposite of embossed nameplates, although these are manufactured in practically the same manner, and that is with the use of male and female dies stamping these images or messages onto these plates. These are called impressed nameplates since the image is pressed down into the sheet metal as opposed to embossed plates where the image or design is raised on the metal.

Embossed Metal Plates
Embossed Metal Plates

What are the Most Common Uses of Embossed Nameplates

Embossed nameplates can be used for many things and in many applications. The raised designs and text on these plates make them rather attractive and eye-catching, which is probably why a huge number of companies use these for their branding and marketing needs. You can easily see these being used as emblems on products that vary from electronics to tools to vehicles.

Most people would believe that these tags can only be used on products that are rather big and wieldy, or items that are substantial and non-consumable. In reality, where these plates are used can actually be dictated by the material that you use in creating them. For example, there are confectionary companies that actually use embossed nameplates made out of rather thin brass as tags and labels on their chocolate and confectionery boxes. These embossed tags are still made out of metal, albeit rather thin and light ones, but the thinness and lightness of the metal used allows the business to use embossed nameplates for their tagging and branding needs, even when their products are consumables.

These tags can also be seen used on certain luxury items as tags and branding tools, with some of the products being perfumes, wallets, bags and the like. These personal products that use this kind of a tagging and labeling medium are usually those that are made by well known brands. You can see embossed nameplates sticking to expensive perfume bottles, sewn to the front of high quality leather goods like wallets and bags, and even sticking to the case of an expensive pair of sunglasses.

You can also find these tags sticking to the doors of refrigerators, on the side or front of various baking equipment of different sizes, and on other household appliances. These embossed tags can also be found on industrial equipment, factory machinery and other similar items. In short, these tags can actually be found almost anywhere and on almost anything. Their use is dependent on whether or not the companies producing such products want this kind of a tag on their items.

Another use that embossed nameplates can have is actually not that common, although people can still have these custom made for such a purpose. You can actually have customized plates made for use with items that you are planning on using as giveaways. Businesses, and even individuals, can do this for their special occasion needs and all they have to do is to contact a manufacturer of such plates to help them create the tags they need for this purpose.

These custom tags can be made flat or curved, according to what you need, and can then be attached to whatever items you are thinking of giving out as giveaways for whatever occasion. An example of this is commemorative glasses with embossed plates attached to the outside for special occasions such as retirement parties, anniversaries and even weddings. These can be handed out to the guests at the event to give them something to remember the event by, and these tags can carry details about such an event like names, dates and the like.

Embossed Metal Tag
Embossed Metal Tag


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