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Where are the Best Places In The U.S Are The Best Places To Go Off Grid?

Updated on August 23, 2012

In order to find the best spot to develop an off grid renewable energy project, I would advise you to check the available resource maps. This is essential to estimate your potential energy production and see the feasibility of your investment.

NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) has identified the renewable resources(wind, solar, geothermal and etc..) of U.S. and you this information is for free. Below you may see the wind and solar resource maps. It is wise to see the potential of the area you will be developing your project before you consider investing further more.

You can see from the maps below that each area has a different color. You need to check the legend of the map and see how much energy potential you can expect from the location of your choice.

For wind energy project we may say that above 7.0 m/s is avarage, above 8.5 m/s location would be very good wind project.

For solar PV above 6kwh/m2/day would be a good solar power project.

Please note that the above figures are just for informative purposes and to help you identify potential sites, you may need much detailed assessment and professional advice before your investment decision to eliminate uncertainties.

Wind Resource Map


Solar Resource Map



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