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Where to Buy a Used Underwater Camera

Updated on May 1, 2012

Save Money with a Used Waterproof Camera

Are you looking for a used waterproof camera? Buying a used camera is a great way to save money or get a better camera for the same price as a new model with fewer features. Many people immediately think of eBay or Craiglist when they want to find used goods. But those sites aren't the only places to look. If you've already checked there and couldn't find the right camera for you, there's another well-known place to shop for refurbished or used cameras and thousands of other products.

Where to Get Used Underwater Cameras

If you asked many people about places to shop for used products online, many would say eBay, Craiglist or some classified advertising sites. All of these are great options, but they do have their limitation. On Craigslist, for instance, the available products are limited by your geographic area, and on eBay, you might not be able to find a Buy It Now item, meaning you'll have to wait for the auction, and you might end up losing the item. So where else can you shop?

The answer is Amazon.

In addition to selling millions of new products, Amazon also has a marketplace where other vendors can sell both new and used products, and Amazon is one of the used vendors.

I recently purchased a used underwater camera through the Amazon Warehouse and paid about half the price of the exact same camera in new condition. And I got free two-day shipping with my Prime membership.

But you don't have to be a Prime member to enjoy the savings on used cameras. You simply need the desire to pay less and the willingness to accept a camera that may show some signs of wear. To get started on your search, first do some research by reading underwater camera reviews. Then go to Amazon's underwater camera category and look in the left-hand column for the section called Condition. Click the "Used" link. That will filter the results so the only products you see are the ones with a used model available.

Now when you look at the search results, you should see a link under every product photo that says, ".... used from...." Click that link to look at all the used products available for that model of camera. The list will indicate each camera's condition, product and shipping prices, seller ratings, and other data you'll need to make a purchasing decision. Be sure to look at all the listings carefully, as there may be individual listings for each color, and you might get a better deal on one color or another. For the camera I purchased, I saved money by choosing the green model rather than the blue. And don't forget to factor in the shipping costs. That can make a big difference in the total price you'll pay.

But with a little luck and a few minutes searching, you're likely to find a great used underwater camera for a lot less than you'd pay for a new one.

Have You Purchased a Used Underwater Camera?

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