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On Uploading Audio Online, Music, Mp3 Files and Other Interesting Things to Do Via The Internet

Updated on April 19, 2015
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Nicholl McGuire has been providing useful content on websites since 2007. Learn more about her business Nicholl McGuire Media.

Document Sharing

Recently, I decided to take my relationship online with others to another level, I chose to document share. Basically, I upload things that I have done in the past, recently, and other work I deem helpful to others and share them with my network. I think it is a great discussion tool and also it provides my viewers with the ease of downloading, printing or sharing interesting material with others offline. You can use Google Documents, Drop Box and alternatives that make it easy to share material online.

So if you have a lot of keepsake items that are filed away somewhere in your home, why not share them with your network? Get some laughs from the past, comments on a project you are working on, or some needed input. It is yet another great way to stay connected and bring some spice to your online relationships!

What to do with those large audio files?

You have created something via audio that you are very proud of and can't wait to share it with relatives, friends even strangers in your social media network, but there is one slight problem, it's too large!  So what do you do?

Well there are sites that will allow you to upload a file as big as 100mb.  I came across one site which is very easy to use with no frills, check it out: 4Shared Now 

A Place to Host Your Audio

Seeking a place to upload audio files and share them online with friends? Well if so, there are plenty of services online that are available, you just have to look. There are sites that have no long wait times, unlimited storage space and will keep your files for as long as they are in business!

One site that I found useful is File Serve. This site is free to anyone interested in sharing their audio files with others. If you want more bandwith and storage then what they offer, then it will be necessary to upgrade to an affordable plan.

Overall, I found the file sharing and audio service easy to use!

Needed Supplies for Uploading and Downloading Files

Slide Shows, Photos and Video

YouTube isn't the only place on the Internet that will host your videos for free. There are many sites that will host your slide show presentations and video. Sites like TwitPic for Twitter users and Tiny Pic for bloggers will quickly upload your photo or video and within minutes you are sharing it with anyone you want! Photobucket is great for creating online photo albums and uploading video. Maybe you have a great photo collection or some cool videos you would like to share with a few or many, you may want to use a site like Photobucket.

I have enjoyed showing funny photos online to my Twitter followers and my various video creations. So if you are interested in something fast and easy to use to upload your video and photo projects, try any of the previously mentioned sites.

Internet Related Products

How to Upload Mp3 to Blog

Learn how to play and read music online

I found many sites that teach you how to play anything from the Harmonica to the Violin. Take a look at how to sites both in print and on video.

I noticed that you can download printed music and start playing almost immediately if you know what you are searching for. So when you start your quest to learn how to play, type in the search engine "beginners" include what you want to learn, then add "printable sheets" or "download sheets." I clicked around and found what I was looking for which was piano music for beginners.

How to transfer an album to an mp3

How to easily transfer convert cassette tape to cd compact disk in windows 7

Which software do you like to use for your online projects?

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