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Which 3 features of Model and Serial Plates are of Utmost Importance?

Updated on February 11, 2015
Model and Serial Plate
Model and Serial Plate

Model and serial plates are used for many different things, but are usually there for similar reasons across these many items. These are essentially used as identifiers by majority of the companies that use them, and the ways these help identify things is via the information that can be found on them. While the reasons for their use may be similar across so many different kinds of products and different industries, the information that these carry can vary from one to the other greatly.

It cannot be denied however, that despite the disparity in the information that can be found on such metal plates or labels, there are some that are actually found on every single one. To help you understand what we are talking about, let us outline what these are and why these are needed on these labels or plates.

Model and Serial Plate Example
Model and Serial Plate Example

Most Important Parts of Your Model and Serial Plates

Serial Number - When you look at a serial plate or a model plate, you will find that the most common part is the area where the serial number can be found. What good is a serial plate after all if there is no area for the serial number? The importance of the serial number is in its uniqueness. Each serial number is unique, when combined with the model number of the item it is being used on. This particular alphanumeric (or plain numeric for some items) helps a manufacturer identify the particular product in question and this can help them (and the owner) in many ways.

For one, this identifier will help the manufacturer trace which batch the item came from. Since serial numbers are sequential, when paired with the model number, it can be ascertained what batch the product belongs to, when it was manufactured, and other pertinent information. This can then help the manufacturer determine whether or not the item belongs to a defective batch, or to try to see if others in the same batch were reported as damaged or defective, making them see that a recall may be in order.

This particular number or alphanumeric sequence can also help the company that made the item see if the warranty for such a product is still active. This is ideal for those items that have limited warranties, and whose warranties only activate after a consumer purchases the item from a retailer.

Model Number – The model of an item is also an important part of these tags mainly because this can help companies check their database for troubleshooting information. When a company produces products that are similar but have different features, or different designs but the same functionality, chances are, these will have different model numbers and details. A good example of this is an automobile factory.

Companies that produce vehicles often have a variety of car models that people can choose from, and these models can come with different features. Some will have two doors, and others will have four or five. Some will be a sedan, while others will be a sporty type. Having model numbers, or model names for that matter, will help both manufacturers and consumers easily identify the item they are either interested in, or already have.

This can help in many things, like finding the right parts for repairs, figuring out what is wrong with the item, and other similar concerns. These can also help owners and manufacturers alike determine how to best use these items, and where to locate certain parts when troubleshooting is required.

Company Information – Sure, you can say that as long as you know the brand of your product, you can easily find out where the company is located and what number to call with the help of the internet, the phone book, and your friendly telephone operator. But why go through the hassle of having to locate such information if these are already found on your tags?

Company information can be found on these tags for a wealth of reasons, and this includes ease of contact with the manufacturer. Contacting the maker of an item does not necessarily mean that you want to return it or have it repaired. You might want to get in touch with them to commend them for an excellent item, or you want to order more of the same stuff. Whatever the reason may be, contact information, company name, and company logo are usually found on these tags too.

Simple Serial and Model Plate
Simple Serial and Model Plate

Other Elements on Your Serial and Model Plates

Aside from these three, you will notice that these metal plates or labels also carry other information. This is dependent on what kind of product it will be attached to. For instance, if this is to be attached to an electrical appliance, chances are, these will also carry voltage, and electrical warnings for safety. For vehicles, you will notice other information like axle, engine number, car name, payload, number of passengers, etc.

Other types of tags may also carry warnings, like Do Not Overload or For Indoor Use Only, to mention but a few. No matter what is on these plates, suffice to say that the information you see on these are essential - essential for proper operations, for safety, for troubleshooting, and many more.


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