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Which type of Antivirus is suitable for Samsung Tab?(step-by-step instructions for Android)

Updated on May 3, 2013

The key

The most sufficient way to download an Antivirus is the Playstore in Android tablets. You can just go to the Playstore for enhancing your system security and scanning for malware. There are plenty of apps that you can download using Playstore, but the correct Antivirus software for your system for free does not take any longer...

Playstore in Android

The Google playstore
The Google playstore

The App for your tablet

1. Go to the App keyword in the playstore. Once you reach there, you are surrounded by "Featured Apps". Drag to go to the "Top Free" Apps on playstore. Here you see various games software, apps for social networks ,etc.

2. But you need the Antivirus for the tablet, so let's search it. In the search box at the left of the playstore browser type- "Antivirus for Android".

Apps solution

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Apps in PlaystoreSearch box in playstore
Apps in Playstore
Apps in Playstore
Search box in playstore
Search box in playstore

The Correct Antivirus search

1. When you start to search an Antivirus software, search for the most compatible for your device.

Tip#1: you can also view reviews and ratings of the software in order to download the right one that is suitable.

2. Below is the picture that shows you how can you make your mind to download an Antivirus for your tab.

Tip#2: the most compatible Antivirus should be with good ratings and reviews. I had installed the Free tablet Antivirus security from AVG mobile technologies. Always go for good reviews and ratings as it helps to enhance your system better.

Tip#3: i had also ticked the Avast mobile security system for the readers preferable for cellular Android phones. It has the good ratings as the AVG technology.

Tip#4: I may recommend the readers to download the Free Quick heal from Quick heal technologies from America INC.

Ratings and Reviews

App Ratings
App Ratings

The Quick heal Antivirus compatible for Android phones

Quick heal
Quick heal


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    • Monisa Ahmed profile image

      monisa 4 years ago from India

      Yes, it's necessary. Let me explain this to you..its because you do a lot of multitasking, downloading apps. These Apps may or may not contain a bug., but we usually get a bug report or a system failure that hangs the Android system most frequently. If you are a downloader, clashes in Apps happen mostly since many Apps are free in playstore. This is because the App program may not be protected and may contain irregular programming. Hope this answers your question.

    • androidfan profile image

      Rajesh Bhuin 4 years ago from India

      Is antivirus really necessary for an Android tab?