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Whisper App - An addictive App to share secrets

Updated on April 16, 2016

Have you tried using Whisper App?

When you post your confession with this App it will reveal to the world your most embarrassing moments and confessions that you haven't tried telling to anyone. But relax no one would ever find out who you are. Your identity will always be a secret.

Whisper App is available for Android and iOS Operating System and can download it for free. You can post an anonymous message in the form of an overlaid text on a picture which other users of the app can see. How the post look like? See some images below to see how it look like when you post. Users who are registered to Whisper App can heart and reply to the confession you have posted.

Another feature of Whisper App that's truly exciting is you can also send direct messages and to receive replies anonymously. How exciting is that? As of April 2016 Whisper App had reached 30 million monthly active users.

I have some photos of confessions here to share I got from Whisper App that will surely make you laugh.

Answer 2
Answer 2 | Source
Answer 1
Answer 1 | Source
Answer 3
Answer 3 | Source

Funny Things People Purchased For Their Drunk Selves

"What's the most outrageous thing you have unknowingly purchased for yourself while drunk?"

See the images for their replies.

While reading these replies I can't stop laughing. I remember one time when i was drunk, I purchased something that made me shock when I saw it in the morning.

Whoever posted these confessions, thank you for sharing your secrets. Kindly please share the things you have purchased when you get drunk again.


Gross stuff best friends do together

Typical best friends usually have a lot of common interests like food, sports, music, movies, and do gross stuff???

These images are secrets posted to Whisper App. Proofs that best friends really do gross stuff together.


Sometimes Our Parents Say funny things

These posts from Whisper App are examples on how our parents react and say things unexpectedly when they try to restrain us on doing something.


Weird lies you told to seem cooler

Have you tried lying to make you seem cooler with your friends or to other people?

Well, admit it, you have tried lying to make you seem cooler. The post you will see here are answers to the question above. Read these funny posts, you might have the same lies you told to your friends or other people to seem cooler.

Funny things adults do that reminds us that growing up means having more fun

I'm sure most of you who are reading this article are all grown up. Now that we keep on getting older, we sometimes do things that are basically not so normal with our age just for fun and find it hilarious when we do it. Sample photos here from Whisper App are proofs that "some adults reminds us that growing up means having more fun".

© 2016 Roy


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